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The car broke down, and my parents caught a taxi. I was in a hurry, apparently, and nearly arrived en route. It was the wee hours of December 28th, 1967 and we were heading to the Mater Misericordiae Mother’s Hospital, in Brisbane.

My German parents already had three children, two sons and a daughter. I spent the first five years of my life in suburban Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, and moved to rural Qld on the Darling Downs as a young child. My parents bought 700 acres of land, and I was blessed to grow up amongst eucalyptus trees, mountains, creeks, fields and an abundance of wildlife. I’m the middle child of eight children. My favourite times were climbing trees, swimming in dams or riding my horses. We had about seventy horses, and at one point about 36 cats (mostly kittens!). My parents had another four children after me; a daughter, and three sons.

I hated school, except the days I ‘wagged’ (or played ‘truant’, as they say here in England) and took off down to the river. They were good days. They were plentiful, and I learnt far more from swimming in the Condamine than I did reading about algebraic formulae and who discovered what country and when.

Many of my current influences came from the mothering I received, for example, vegetarianism, colour healing, astrology, gardening by the Moon.

At 16, I left home and moved to South Australia, some 2000 kilometres away. I soon found my feet and my work life looked like a patchwork quilt (something that wouldn’t make sense until all the pieces were put together years later).

I enjoyed volunteering at The Children’s Cottage (Montessori school), and then later worked as a nanny, and then at the Hills Montessori School. A few years later, I returned to Queensland and did reporting for my local newspaper.

At 23, I moved to New Zealand, and apart from apple picking, and working in a Rudolph Steiner Boarding School, I worked as a media officer for the Royal New Zealand Society for the Protection of Animals.

Later, I moved to England and worked briefly as a media officer for Compassion in World Farming.
Upon returning to New Zealand, I met the love of my life while working and teaching in a school of metaphysics, and we were quickly blessed with two children.

My daughters were born in New Zealand in the late 1990s, and this beautiful country will always be ‘home’ in my heart. My husband, Paul, and I set up the National Waterbirth Trust, and also created the Peaceful Pregnancy CD (affirmations for pregnancy and birth).

Since 1999, we’ve lived rurally in the beautiful Eden Valley, Cumbria, UK. Our home is a 300 year old farmer’s cottage overlooking fields and fells.

My hobbies and interests include gardening, cello music, walking, reading esoteric books, cooking and plant-based nutrition, and spending time with friends and family. I’m passionate about flowers.

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