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Creating a Beautiful Life

My life’s work is infused with a deep and profound love of the sacred: nature, words, ritual, home and family. In fact, my favourite word is home.

Flowers of every type enchant me, and I adore hot sunshine, tempestuous thunderstorms, my hands in the earth, the haunting strains of cello, stars, and moonlight. My great pleasures also include being snugged up on the sofa by the woodstove reading a book, being mesmerised by birdsong at dawn, and time with my family. My favourite scent is eucalyptus (and I use it like a white witch in my housecleaning!) because it reminds me of my childhood in Australia, and how good the bush smells after the rain.

This life of mine has been blessed by having two daughters (both now young women). The journey through motherhood has impacted me enormously. For twelve years I edited The Mother magazine, and am ever so grateful for the circles of women who have blessed my life as a result.

I refuse to choose one vocation, and so you’ll find me enjoying right livelihood as an author, novelist, journalist, celebrant (I officiate weddings, namings, funerals, home blessings, and any rite of passage), mentor for mothers, and psychological astrologer.

My novels explore sacred space and moments, and the beauty and bruises of relationships. They are deliberately rooted in the power of family, and the characters are often on a journey of discovering their life purpose by encountering the shimmer of their soul.

In my writing room are the words: how can I be of service today? It guides me each morning. Whether I offer readers comfort through fiction, practical support by way of non-fiction books, articles in specialist magazines, by bringing a sense of the sacred through creating personalised ceremonies, or by interpreting the wisdom of the divine science known as astrology, this question remains at the foundation. I am here to serve.

My soul’s purpose is to help women live richer, meaningful, empowered and beautiful lives based on simplicity and integrity. My sacred tools are word medicine, ceremony and stellar stories.
You can find me and my wild hair living a gentle and beautiful life in the heart of rural Cumbria, comfy in a 300-year-old stone cottage, with my devoted soul mate, Paul.

How may I serve you today? Love, Veronika xx

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