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Funerals and Memorials

The Perfect Day: Pam’s Memorial Service

"What a job you did yesterday! Pam would have loved it but I don't think even with her vivid imagination she could ever have pictured that many people and so much outpouring of emotion and grief.

Thank you for all your hard work. The flowers, the candles, the beautiful display. All so perfect. Everyone said so, and said how well you handled everything. You can feel proud. "

Love Av x

Celebrating a Life - Choosing a life-centred funeral
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Grief, by its very nature, is confusing and exhausting. As your celebrant, I offer a calm, reassuring presence.

People tend to spend more money on flowers than they do on a celebrant, and yet, the words and sentiments of a ceremony will last long after the blossoms have perished. A skilled, intuitive celebrant is like the heartbeat of the ceremony.

The time immediately following the loss of someone we love can be confusing, overwhelming, busy and exhausting. Death generally arrives in our lives unannounced, leaving us little time to prepare a ceremony which has meaning and depth.

Many people dread the day of a funeral or memorial, and just want it to be over with. As your celebrant, I hope to help you see it as a vital part of your grieving process. When you entrust me with your ceremony, I will share the stories of your loved one’s life in a meaningful and beautiful way.


"I would just like to say how lovely the service was today for Pam. I did not know her well, but as Avril's close friend I had met her and knew of her through our friendship.

Knowing her as you did, as a friend, I thought you were exceptional in how you dealt with a very emotional farewell for the family and friends in a very caring and professional manner whilst obviously having your own thoughts and memories."



Whether you choose a memorial or funeral, I would like to offer you my services as a sensitive, empathetic and caring celebrant. Having myself walked the journey through sorrow, I know that my experience of loss adds to my sensitivity and awareness of other people’s pain. My intention is to create a personalised ceremony that allows you to experience your emotional response to loss, and to make adjustments to the new terrain upon which you find yourself.

I am a great supporter of family-organised funerals, and have a particular affinity for those that are low cost, low carbon and based on simplicity and beauty. Although it is common to use a funeral director, I am happy to work with you whether or not you have one.

Did you know that it’s not a legal requirement to use a coffin at a funeral? I can advise you on other options, such as a shroud or eco-friendly container/cocoon such as cardboard, bamboo, felt, wool or willow.

As a celebrant, I am here to support you whether you choose a service in a chapel, crematorium, woodland burial site or DIY funeral in your back garden.

A natural woodland burial is for those who care for the environment and want their death to honour their love of the countryside. With such a burial, the body is given back to the earth and can be recycled into new life as it decomposes naturally. Many people find that a natural burial reflects their values, and is spiritually uplifting.

My fee:
£160 (for funerals within 25 miles of Penrith, Cumbria)
£200 for ceremonies 25 miles or more from Penrith.

Payable by cash on the day of the funeral/memorial or by BACS beforehand.

Reach me: veronikarobinson@hotmail.com or info@veronikarobinson.com
(01768) 897 121 or (07717) 222 695

"Dear Veronika

You orchestrated the most wonderful memorial service for dear Pam today. It could not have been more special.

You clearly put enormous thought into every single aspect of what was an extremely moving and loving account - and also an honest reflection of Pam's life. Just perfect.

Thank you so very much for that. It was hugely appreciated by all who were there - and both Emma and I were extremely touched to be able to witness it.

She was a dear friend. She will be much missed by so many but not forgotten."


"Dear Veronika, how do I begin? How can I put into words the feelings inside my heart as I write my THANK YOU to you? Here goes!

Always a listener, never judgmental, the calmness of your voice filled with such love and compassion upon taking the stand and leading us into the ceremony. The comforting way you delivered the eulogy — it touched so many people who joined with us to celebrate my dear Colin’s life. So many friends have telephoned to ask who you were, and how we found you, as they expressed how meaningfully you spoke to them, and how much it meant to them in their loss of a special friend.

It was a day to remember, by us all, of a man who lived honestly with such love for his wife, family and friends. You, in your unique style, paid homage to this with such emotion and truth, and I will treasure your tenderness for the rest of my life. I do hope you will be around when it’s my time to pass.

The Farewell, My Friends poem was a bonus of a find. As soon as I heard those words, when you first sent us a draft of your service, I knew it was Colin’s poem, epitomising his life so perfectly.

Thank you again, Veronika. Like I said words fail me!"

Sylvia France, Bolton on Sands

"I was deeply moved by Pam's memorial service, and find myself still reflecting on it days afterwards.

Thank you for creating such a wonderful space, where people could feel and share their love for her. There was such a beautiful spirit in the hall, so many heartfelt expressions of appreciation of Pam's life and the ways she had touched so many people. As someone who had only met Pam a few times, the service brought her alive to me as a real person, and I felt sad and uplifted and strangely humbled by the whole experience.

Thank you again for making the marking of her death so incredibly special."

Best wishes


Beautiful felt cocoons

Contact: Yuli Somme at Bellacouche
The Unitarian Chapel, Cross Street, Moretonhampstead, Devon TQ13 8NL
Tel: 01647 441405 Mobile: 07763 935 897
Email: info@bellacouche.com

Eco coffins


Bamboo coffin

Flowers and Food

Integral to any ceremony from the heart are flowers and food.

I adore flowers, and my first stop for any bouquet or floral arrangement is Greenwheat in Penrith. Laura Tuer is known as a flower goddess.

Dying Matters

Natural Death Centre

"Hi Veronika,

What a lovely service yesterday, very emotional but very uplifting too. RIP Pam Mahoney, many people will miss you."

Best regards, Paul

"Dear Ms. Robinson

I wanted to thank you for conducting such a moving service on Saturday. I realise now that I hardly knew Pam, but I wish I had known her better. I think the service was fitting. I will plant the bluebell bulbs with care, and will always remember that they are Pam's."

Best wishes,

Recommended Funeral Director

I can recommend Tracy Lazonby, at Final Journey Funerals, without hesitation. She is kind, caring, professional, and listens to the needs of her clients. www.finaljourneyfunerals.co.uk

Funeral or Memorial Venue

If you're looking for a venue to hold your loved one's funeral or memorial, do consider Stoneybeck Inn (2 miles from Penrith). It has everything you will need, as well as easy parking, quiet location, plenty of time to say your goodbye, and a catered funeral tea. www.stoneybeckinn.co.uk/conferences/

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