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“Who are you? This universal question is almost certainly answered by your first name. Although we are more than our name, and are spiritual beings having a human experience, our name forms our human identity, and is what distinguishes us from (and connects us to) other people.

As a parent, naming our child is a huge responsibility. Few people are aware that the name we wear not only shapes our identity but our future.


Studies in psychology show that parents tend to name their child based on something inherent within their genes, such as a sense of adventure or beauty or power. Does this then mean the child will be forced to live up to a parent’s image or will they grow into the energy of that name?

“A person must feel good about their name. If a child doesn’t like their name, it’s highly likely they won’t feel good about themselves.”

Baby Names “Why is our name so important? That is how people call to us. We respond.”

Extracts from Baby Names Inspired by Mother Nature by Veronika Sophia Robinson.

I love officiating Baby Namings!

It is not uncommon for parents to include more than one child in a naming ceremony. No one is ever too old for this particular ceremony, and it is also wonderful for adults who have chosen a new name.

Naming Ceremony for Joani and Ash
Shipley, Yorkshire
June, 2017

"Thank you for the beautiful ceremony. It was very meaningful to me, and a real catalyst to live my life with more intention. You were wonderful, and held the space with such a strong, gentle presence. I will cherish the memory. Thank you so much.

Best wishes

"THANK YOU!!!! It was a lovely day, and a beautiful, interactive (in all senses!) ceremony. Thank you soooo much."

Sam, Ciso, Sibella and Raphael
(Sibella's Naming Ceremony)

"When my daughter was about 2 years old, Veronika planned and officiated her naming ceremony, using our family input to personalise it. Once again, I found her understanding and delivery of ritual to be intuitive, meaningful and beautiful. The meaning of our daughter's name, our wishes for her life, and the good wishes of the community were all woven into the ceremony, making it a moving and memorable ritual to ground her in our family and on the earth. Veronika facilitates the wishes of the families she officiates for with sensitivity and imbues her rituals with sincerity and meaning. Family and relationship are central to her life, and this really comes across in her celebrant work. I could not recommend her highly enough."

Siobhán Kramer, Ireland

"So many guests were sceptical when I invited them to Andorra's baby naming ceremony (as opposed to the traditional religion-based event), not least of all one of her godfather’s partner. A self-proclaimed traditionalist, he was not one for stepping away from norm and arrived somewhat aloof for our first ever meeting, however, he was not only hugely impressed but also quite moved by the whole event, and had a quiet word with me at the end saying how wonderful it had all been: all the attention to detail, the meaningful songs we chose, the passages read, each person's input, the flower-spelling by women of Andorra's name, and particularly the celebrant's elegant role in all of it. Veronika infused the whole ceremony with the perfect depth of emotion I had intended, both in her words, their delivery, her intonations, witty asides, and in the meaning of the passages she read.

I have to say "On Children" by Kahlil Gibran from The Prophet was THE perfect reading for this occasion. She was also instrumental in providing ideas for the ceremony. When you're compiling your own ceremony from scratch, staring at a blank piece of paper, you need all the help you can get, and Veronika was right there with myriad ideas that were all just perfect; it was hard to choose! She chatted and gelled well with the guests afterwards, moving gracefully amongst them and speaking to those with whom she felt a connection, and even my hard-to-please, dyed-in-the-wool, stickler-for-tradition mother was delighted with the whole experience.

During a recent exchange with a friend who attended, she mentioned someone who she had met at the ceremony, adding "What a wonderful day, I'll never forget it".

I would recommend Veronika to ANYONE looking for a genuine, caring and thoughtful celebrant; you will not be disappointed."

Elizabeth, South Yorkshire, England

My fee: £200
20% deposit payable upon booking, with the balance paid by BACS or cheque one week before the ceremony.

Please note: Ceremonies 50 miles or more from Penrith will be liable to a travel fee of 45p per mile (after the first fifty miles).

Reach me: veronikarobinson@hotmail.com or info@veronikarobinson.com
(01768) 897 121 or (07717) 222 695

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