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The Mother Magazine, Editorial

Issue 47, Jul/Aug 2011

Lighting the way, by Veronika Sophia Robinson

Jean Liedloff, author of The Continuum Concept, 1926 ~ 2011

This issue is dedicated to Jean Liedloff, who guided my parenting path, and laid the foundations for this magazine.

Although Jean had no children of her own, she silently mothered many children around the world by lighting the way for the hearts of parents who knew that their children deserved better than to sleep in cots, and be abandoned to car seats, playpens and prams.

I was twenty five years old when I attended a course in Wellness. The required reading was The Continuum Concept. I couldn’t locate it in my local bookshops, and was not part of the Internet revolution at that point.

When my soul’s love arrived in my life a very short time later, we fell in love at first sight, and decided not to wait a minute longer ~ we began living together the next day. As I helped him pack his boxes, Paul handed me a copy of The Continuum Concept and said, “You might like this.” I couldn’t believe my eyes! If ever there was a sign from the Universe that I’d met the right man, surely this was it?

I fell in love with every word of the book, and soon owned three copies to hand out to other women. The two most important books of my parenting journey were that one, and Joseph Chilton Pearce’s Magical Child, which was recommended to me by a stranger in the street. She saw my pregnant belly and said “You must read this book.”

Within six weeks of meeting Paul, I was carrying a child in the depths of my womb, and was overjoyed that I’d been introduced to such important knowledge and wisdom.

At birth, my beautiful daughter was lifted straight to my breast, by her father, and was carried in our arms for the next nine months or so. She shared our bed, day and night, and we met her biological needs as best we could.

When I founded The Mother magazine, I knew that it was pointless for me to put my passion into a parenting magazine that wasn’t built on the foundations of primal, connected parenting. Other parenting publications said the ideas in TCC weren’t practical in this modern world. I’ve always argued that our modern babies need them even more!

As a parent, all the insights that served me when my daughters were babies and toddlers are still supporting me now that they’re teenagers. I’m still learning, of course, but that’s to be expected of any parent.

For me, the key words which emerge from Jean’s work are: expect the best; and trust.

I once asked Jean if she was going to write another book, and her reply was that she felt she’d said all she needed to say. I can see that, now.

Her life lives on through the conscious parenting of many families worldwide. Her life was a life well-lived. Let us all celebrate the impact her journey Earthside had and has on the souls who join us on this planet.

If you’ve never read The Continuum Concept, I urge you to add it to your reading list. Ask your library to stock copies. Ensure your local breastfeeding group always has books in stock.

When I heard that Jean had passed away on March 15th, I knew a leading light had left this world. Jean, may you rest in peace, and know that so many of us are carrying the torch you lit; the torch you dared to light. Thank you.

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