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The Mother Magazine, Editorial

Issue 50, Jan/Feb 2012

A cauldron of community, by Veronika Sophia Robinson

Welcome to issue fifty, which marks ten years of our commitment to publishing about conscious, connected parenting. Over the years, I’ve wondered if perhaps there was a better title for this magazine, but I’ve come to realise it’s perfect for our mission. You see, a mother is someone who’ll fight to protect her children. If she’s bonded to them, nothing will stand in her way. And that’s exactly what this magazine exists for: to hold your hand as you stand your ground in a world which doesn’t always honour the natural and intuitive mothering path. The Mother exists to be the silent Warrior-Goddess at your side, forever whispering to you: “You can do it”. The word ‘mother’ makes a clear statement, and our title doesn’t need embellishing.

At The Mother magazine, we interpret the eight practices of attachment parenting in our articles. This includes consciously preparing for conception, pregnancy, birth and parenting; responding to our children with sensitivity; using nurturing touch; feeding them with respect and love; ensuring our children’s sleep is safe, both physically and emotionally; providing consistent loving care and positive discipline; and striving for balance in personal and family life.

For many of our readers, this is inevitably explored by creating a family lifestyle which might include the following practices: natural childbirth; home birth; sharing the family bed; full-term breastfeeding; baby wearing; elimination communication; stay-at-home parenting; unschooling or home education; using natural clothing, body and cleaning products; not circumcising; not vaccinating; and eating wholefoods.

Throughout history, it has been the mother who has undertaken the main role in raising children, but in very recent history the father is recognising the importance of his role as a caregiver, too. Parents are the most important people in children’s lives, and they provide living examples to emulate, such as being respectful in a relationship, maintaining a good character, kind manners and healthy habits. When we fall short of living authentically and being our best, then it’s important to apologise to our children, and explain how we could have done better. We’re all human, and our children learn from us about how to start again.

Although it is a biological fact that children physically need their mother more in the early years, both parents are invaluable from before birth. They provide compassion and protection, love and patience. It doesn’t matter what your religious or cultural beliefs are, or how much money you’ve got in your bank account ~ to be a good enough mother or father isn’t dependent on age, wealth, health, physical ability or if the children are biologically your own. What is important is spending time with your children, expressing your love, and supporting them by being a good listener. The parenting our children receive from us provides the foundation for the rest of their lives.

I’ve always taken parenting seriously. It has been, and still is, a full-time career. I may have sacrificed sleep and time and other things, but what I’ve gained has been far greater. I don’t regret any of it. Being a mother is never a role I’ve taken casually or sought to pass on to another. There’s no question that this magazine strongly reflects my passion for conscious parenting.

You might think that you’re just holding some paper in your hands, but you’d be wrong. This magazine is a cauldron of community, which has brought together many families who share similar goals. Beautiful friendships have flourished, children conceived, born and raised ~ and yes, some have, very sadly, passed away ~ during the past ten years. Some readers have been with us throughout the past decade. What a journey we’ve shared together! Some have experienced profound loss and grief, sorrow and tragedy through the death of a child or a life partner. Others have experienced joy; and others have had struggles and challenges and ongoing dilemmas. We’ve listened to your stories; laughed and cried with you. You’ve touched our lives ever so deeply, and it has been nothing short of an honour and a privilege to be witnesses to your lives. And you, too, have witnessed my family’s story from when our girls were just three and five years old playing around my feet as I gathered articles, chose photos, breastfed, planted vegetables, and cooked dinner. You’ve listened as I’ve shared our day-to-day lives and unschooling adventures. You’ve watched them grow into young women. And now, as they turn 14 and 16, they’re at the edge of the family nest, peering out; preparing their wings for travel. As a family, our next ten years will be radically different to the previous ones. I have no doubt our journey will continue to be reflected in these pages, as will yours.

The Mother magazine has been available around the world since its first issue. It is with joy that I can announce that the start of this next decade sees us with a new publishing house in North America. This will allow our important messages to reach more people without the hurdles of currency exchange and shipping costs. I’m so grateful for this expansion, and have much pleasure in introducing Kathryn Los, who heads up the North American publishing team. Kathryn and her husband Pan have six homeschooled children, and together they bring much passion and enthusiasm to The Mother. Ever since the first time we met, I’ve admired their parenting style and their wonderfully vibrant children. From their home in Boulder, Colorado, they will nurture this publication and help it find its way to more mothers and fathers across North America. Parents like you and I. Parents who are seeking to find a more natural way to live and be; and who raise their children in such a way that they find this world is beautiful, abundant and loving. Family can be found at the centre of life’s meaning, and our mission is to help parents far and wide discover the beauty, value and magnificence in what it means to be a ‘mother’ or ‘father’.

The Mother has subscribers around the world, from Japan to New Zealand, Brazil to Germany, Jordan to Iceland, Canada to England, America to Scotland, Alaska to Australia, Israel to Ireland, England to Norway, Italy to the United Arab Emirates, Croatia to the Czech republic, Seychelles to Spain, Sweden to Singapore, Portugal to South Africa. What does this mean? You are NOT alone. The inner desire for great parenting spans our globe. It is always a delight to receive your letters and photos. Wherever you live in the world, I hope you’ll join us for some or all of the next ten years.
May 2012 bring contentment and gratitude to your days, and may you find a way to express your dreams.

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