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The Mother Magazine, Editorial

Issue 53, Jul/Aug 2012

Nature’s Toys, by Veronika Sophia Robinson

On a hot Summer’s day, beneath the dappled shade of the plum trees in our garden, my teenage daughters and I sit and relax with our bare feet amongst the lawn daisies, the gentle breeze in our hair, and birdsong on high. My pleasurable companions are young women now and yet, here in the arms of Nature’s gifts, my mind drifts in the breeze back to the games of their childhood.

Dolls were crafted from dry grass, daisies, pinecones, wildflowers, sticks and imagination. Towns were built from sticks and stones ~ not to “break your bones” but for dollies’ homes.

Their cooking skills were honed with organic mud, dandelion flowers and buttercups. This pair of chefs were doyennes of local produce. As the seasons turned, so did their ingredients: rosehips, blackberries, holly berries and leaves.

Their feel and love for music was learnt at the feet of Nature’s flying musicians: birds, insects and leaves. Here they learnt about intervals, tones, melody, bass and treble notes. Harmonies were gathered beneath changing cloud formations, rabbits darting across fields, red squirrels acrobatting in sycamore trees, and deer leaping through woodland. They learnt that kicking up Autumn leaves is very different to playing in drifts of snow or paddling in the icy water of the local creek on a Summer’s day.

My daughters have grown up using herbs and plants freely, and understand their value, whether in the kitchen, ceremonially or vibrationally.

Even as teens, they still forage the village lanes dry of berries when they’ve depleted the garden supply.

These starlit skies and untamed hills have been the backdrop of their childhood. Wherever they roam, as long as Nature is a vital ingredient in their everyday life, they’ll always be at home.

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