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The Mother Magazine, Editorial

Issue 62, Feb/Mar 2014

Goodbye by Veronika Sophia Robinson,

founding editor and publisher of The Mother magazine (February 2002-January 2014)

Since Autumn 2001, I have loved, lived and breathed The Mother magazine. The first issue was published on a bitterly cold Winter’s day in February 2002. The layout was basic, and there were many typos due to me working in and around a feisty toddler and her sister, and working far too late into those long tandem-breastfeeding nights, but the message of the magazine was strong, and resonated with our early subscribers, some of whom are still with us to this day. This magazine has been part of my everyday life, and that of my family, for seven days of every week.

I have been blessed to meet some of my closest friends through The Mother, and I know that they will remain lifelong friends. If you have been with us since issue one, you and your family have grown alongside mine. You have watched this grassroots publication grow and evolve, while never wavering from its ethos.

In those early days, my daughters would breastfeed while I spoke to mums on the phone about parenting matters. Bethany and Eliza played by the fireside as I read through articles and chose photos, though I often worked deep into the night while they were fast asleep. I took burning the candle at both ends to a whole new level. What can I say? I was passionate about parenting. As they grew older, my girls became actively involved in helping to mail out the magazine. Ah, how they shall miss that source of pocket money. They have contributed recipes, artwork, photos and writing.

My daughters are 18 and 16, and although Paul and I could have gone on for many more years editing and publishing this unique publication, we felt it was time to let it ‘leave home’, just as my daughters will do before long, and for some other family to become its heartbeat, and to hold and maintain it and spread its messages across the world. The Mother magazine has been more than a business, and more than a magazine: it is a way of life and a passion. It is a community.

Over the past twelve years, I have edited 62 magazines, facilitated seven family camps for our subscribers, officiated a handfasting ceremony and several blessingways at camp, and published nine non-fiction books. It has been a hectic twelve years, to say the least. I now look forward to spending my days writing novels and specialising in publishing illustrated children’s books. But first, a rest. A long rest.

I shall continue to write articles for The Mother for the foreseeable future, but for now, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to so many people: far too many to name. Firstly, and most obviously: to every subscriber, writer, artist, photographer and advertiser who believed in this magazine. To my daughters: I know it hasn’t always been easy sharing me. I’m all yours now. My husband, Paul: there are no words to express my gratitude for your love, support, kindness, acres of proofreading and your dedication to two-fingered typing. To my friends who have worked so hard to bring TM to New Zealand (Cindy Beaudin, thank you), to America (Laura Shanley, Lynda Cook Sawyer and Kathryn Los), and also to the Durdant-Hollamby family. Karen Arnott, my wonderful web lady. I would be lost without you. My mother, Angelikah, for modelling nurture and nourishment, both as a mother and as a woman. I love you.

To all the people who have sent such gorgeous cards and gifts through the post over the years, you should know that I have told Starr Meneely, your new editor, about the chocolate! Don’t disappoint her.

And to the staff at Reeds Printers, in Penrith, Cumbria, namely Malcolm (deceased), Dene, Louise, Fiona, Graham, and my main man, Simon. You are amazing! Thank you for making the publishing journey so personal and friendly.

Paul and I have been working to make the transition of The Mother magazine between our family and Starr’s family as seamless as possible. Please be patient and loving witnesses to the birthing process. Thank you for midwifing this transition.

So my wish, as I send my final issue to the printer, is this: may The Mother magazine grow and thrive and reach far and wide with a strong sense of purpose, passion, beauty, love and connectedness. I have no doubt that your new editor and her family will bring you something truly amazing. Please look after them as you have done me and my family, and hold their hands on this exciting new chapter in their lives. I wish you well, and may you always hold family at the centre of your heart.

To Starr and Ashley, you are an amazing couple, and your love for each other and your children inspires me. If you bring this energy to The Mother (which I know you will), then there can be nothing but joy and success for all concerned. I know that I’m gifting my ‘baby’ into safe and beautiful hands. Fly high!

With love, Veronika Sophia Robinson
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