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Do you want someone to ‘walk by your side’ as you find your way through some of the tougher aspects of parenting? That’s what I’m here for. I know what it’s like to feel exasperated, tired, alone, and in need of some understanding company.

Our mothering is the garden in which our children grow… Our soil, whether barren or fertile, determines whether our children just survive, or they thrive. Are you reflecting confidence, joy, self-love, nurturing and harmonious relationships to your children?

Did you know that YOU are the best thing in your life? If that feels uncomfortable, or leaves you raising your eyebrows in disbelief, then I invite you to clear some time and space for a one-to-one, mother-to-mother, mentoring session. Together, we’ll discover your strengths, passion, fun, power and wisdom, and move from fear to love, courageously embracing the instinctive mother within you.

If you’re willing to examine your life to see if your beliefs are reflecting the best you can be, then we can work together. My goal is to help mothers enjoy their parenting and to value themselves as women, in order that the whole family can live happily.

I became an attachment parent with the birth of my first daughter in 1996, and am deeply committed to the ideals of Jean Liedloff’s Continuum Concept, as well as the marvellous insights of Joseph Chilton Pearce, Michael Mendizza, James Prescott, and the late Jeannine Parvati Baker.  

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