Would you be willing to open up your home and be an integral part of my UK & Eire Author Tour?

This Summer, I will be launching my new novel, Sisters of the Silver Moon (book one of The Gypsy Moon Trilogy), and I’d love to read for you and your friends, as well as share a little about my journey as a writer from non-fiction to fiction.

I’m also happy to read from my novels Mosaic and Bluey’s Café. My husband, Paul, is available to sing a couple of sets, too, if you’d like extra entertainment!


I’m looking for people who have a lounge room big enough for about 15 or so friends.



You just need sofas or floor cushions, a handful of dining chairs, and a willingness to host me, my husband Paul, and our teenager daughter, Eliza, for one night. (If you don’t have spare mattresses, please don’t be put off ~ we can stay at a local B&B).



Lounge room not suitable? Perhaps you’d prefer to have a reading at dusk in your garden, by fairylights or candles?



Maybe we could do afternoon tea in the garden, or brunch by the beach?


Maybe a wine and cheese evening is more your style?



I have novels, and will travel!


Do get in touch if you’re interested, and let’s set up a date! My plan is to tour the north of the UK from Thursday, July 9th for a week or more, and the London area, and south of the UK, from August 18th.

Everyone who hosts me will receive a free copy of each of my novels, and copies of my daughter Eliza’s The Three Stages trilogy. www.elizaserenarobinson.com

Sisters of the Silver Moon

Azaria Linden, the community herbalist, spends her days tending herb gardens, concocting lotions, potions and tinctures, beekeeping, and being a mother to four grown-up daughters who have left home. Her handcrafted life is the envy of many, but when the lives of her children change in dramatic ways, she wonders if she can keep it all together. Is it possible to still live a heart-centred life when everything around you is falling apart?

Book Two: Behind Closed Doors
Book Three: Flowers in Her Hair

Feel free to invite people from your local herb society, beekeeping group, women’s circle, mothers’ group, vegan or veggie group, etc.

Do get in touch via Twitter @VeronikaSophia

or FB: Veronika Sophia Robinson author

or e: veronikarobinson (at) hotmail (dot) com


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