Dear Mr Johnson

Your singular narrative of health is discriminatory

Boris, how do you want to be remembered?

This is how I shall remember you: as a man with a difficult job who, according to your colleagues, is a libertarian. I, however, have seen no evidence of this.

On one hand, we hear that vaccination will not be mandatory, and on the other hand people who choose not to vaccinate may be banned from going to places such as their work, restaurants, pubs, gyms, schools and so on. Will it extend to anywhere there are people? Supermarkets, church, garden centres? Where does it end?

You (aided by the few scientists who flank you, and the media) are perpetuating a singular narrative of the definition of public health. It is a minimal view and disregards cultures and people with a more fluent and holistic paradigm of health and how to create and maintain it.

I believe you have the foresight to recognise that mandatory vaccination is assault and biological terrorism against unwilling individuals, and completely at odds with a democratic country. The vice you’re turning, however, by introducing the conversation about ‘vaccine passports’ is heading swiftly in the direction of Jews having to wear the Star of David.

For those people who have made a conscious, informed decision not to vaccinate, you are discriminating against them and alienating them from society (and their families and friends) by escalating people’s fears. There are countless unseen consequences of your actions, small and large. For example, it might be something like a person who swims an hour each day to ease their arthritic hip, being unable to seek this natural pain relief because their choice not to vaccinate excludes them from the gym/pool.

It might be someone unable to take on their self-employed work in places such as hotels or by an employer who will sack them if they don’t submit to the vaccine.

Will mourning families and friends be allowed to attend crematoria or places of worship if they’re unvaccinated?

The consequences which greatly concern me run along the lines of Nazi Germany where certain people (Black, Gays, Jehovah’s Witness, Jews) were ‘identified’ to the rest of society. Jews were blamed for ‘spreading disease’. Nazi scientists and media convinced the German population that this was FACT. Will you, by your actions, do the same to the unvaccinated? Will such people be singled out as ‘spreading disease’?

A person who makes an informed decision to abstain from vaccination is someone who has spent inordinate amounts of time studying ‘the science’ of immunologists, virologists and so forth. It isn’t a decision we take lightly. We are not Covidiots or conspiracy theorists or trouble makers. We are people who question. We research. We choose other health narratives and honour body integrity. We are not enemies of the state and should not be singled out as if we are of threat to others. This choice does not mean we are ignorant of the virus and its implications and nor does it mean we take actions which are dangerous.

Are you happy that family and friends are at war with each other over vaccination or non-vaccination? It is tearing people apart at a time which is already unbearably difficult for so many.

If your goal is to make everyone have the vaccine, then be honest about it instead of this roundabout way of ‘divide and conquer’.

As a funeral celebrant, I seek to eulogise the deceased by remembering what made their life meaningful. I ask you again, Boris: how do you want to be remembered?

“In the end, we all become stories.” Margaret Atwood

I wish you all the best, and I hope that if there is any truth to you being a libertarian that your actions will reveal that to us.

Veronika Robinson
Discrimination-free celebrant who seeks to honour diversity, freedom and inclusivity of each human being’s right to have sovereignty over their own body.

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