I imagine most of us have used a funnel at some time. Do you use the wide, open end to pour your liquid, or the thin, narrow end? Of course you use the open side. It would be silly and pointless to use the other end.



And yet…and yet how many people go through life with the narrow end pointing out to the Universe? To be open to consciously receiving all the good and abundance and joy and love and happiness and riches of this amazing world, we have to open our heart and mind as widely as possible. Our receiving container must have the capacity to receive.

Studies have shown the positive people appear to have luckier lives because, quite simply, they expect to have their container filled. These are the people with the open side of the funnel as their ‘first responder’ to any event in life.

Those who go through life with an aura of pessimism can’t expect to receive more than a few miserly crumbs.



Is it possible to change who you are and start looking for the best in life? Hell yes! Is it possible to change the direction of your funnel? Yes!

The question is: do you want to receive the abundance of this world?

Thank you to my husband Paul for this lovely analogy. Sometimes it’s the simplest images, isn’t it?

Now, my friends, pick up your metaphorical funnel and hold the wide, open end out to the Universe and say YES PLEASE. Thank you!





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Veronika Sophia Robinson is the author of many non-fiction books and novels.

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If you’re looking to connect with other like-minded holistic parents, why not read Parent Tribe. It’s edited by Hatti Burt, here in Cumbria, and is available free online.

There is also the option to purchase a paper version.

In this issue you can read my article called The Creative Family. Enjoy. ~ Veronika




About Veronika

Veronika Sophia Robinson is the author of many non-fiction books and novels.

You can also find her on:
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It’s ever so exciting when your baby learns to stand, and then….that first step! We clap. We congratulate. We laugh. We make such a fuss. We may even shed a tear. That single step. So life changing!



Bethany on my wedding day, having just learnt to walk.

My daughter Eliza took her first steps in Dubai airport when we were moving to England. She learnt to walk to the applause of air hostesses.

I can’t imagine a parent wanting or demanding that empowering transformation of a single step to be, for example, a marathon. We celebrate the baby step as a huge step.

So why is it that when we, as adults, come to take life-changing baby steps in our lives do we tend to dismiss them as insignificant? Maybe we even give up. Why bother when a small step won’t make any apparent difference? These steps are opportunities for growth and self-discovery. The quiet devotion of these simple movements leads to our resurrection. The heart of change lies in their foundation. I’m an advocate of gradual change. I know what it’s like to have ‘the big dream’ and want it all at once. But equally I know that if you want things to change in your life you shouldn’t underestimate your baby steps.

Examples of Baby Steps

The body

Perhaps you’re wanting to lose weight. Say, for example, you have five stone to lose. How overwhelming is that? Five stone! It might seem impossible. But how would it feel to lose one pound, and keep it off? Would that feel like success? That’s all weight loss is, really, one pound/kilo at a time. That IS doable, right?

For a decade now, my body has carried extra weight as a result of an unbalanced hormonal system. When I finally made the connection between a low thyroid output and the weight gain, I was able to take baby steps. Every single day I take baby steps. It’s slow, and yes, bloody frustrating at times to see so little ‘reward’ given that I eat a wholefood, plant-based diet.

My baby steps include things like daily exercise (walking, gym, aquafit, swimming, dynamic control and stretch classes). My baby steps include not eating gluten (it slows the thyroid right down). My baby steps include being kind to myself regardless of what my hormones are or aren’t doing. My baby steps include religiously taking plenty of kelp tablets, as well as other supplements to augment my healing journey.

Those baby steps, small as they are, led to 19 pounds coming off. They were slow to be released. I can’t tell you how many times I have wanted to give up! There are more pounds to come off, but I know this: baby steps will lead the way.

Perhaps you’re always dreading checking your account balance or your heart sinks whenever you look in your purse. I read recently that the way we do money is the way we do life. Let’s change the word money to ‘values’.
What are your values?
What do you prioritise in your life?
Is integrity important to you?
How about honesty?
What if the way to increase your monetary wealth was to let go and trust?
What if the baby steps were about letting go of fear around money and seeing it as a currency of love?
What if, each day, you opened your heart to deliberately receiving?
What if, each day, you asked yourself ‘how you do life’?
Do you do life with a big open heart?
Do you do life with a smile on your face?
Do you do life with trust?
Do you have faith in life?
What if you trusted that life would bring you what you needed?

To change our financial situation is, like weight loss, achieved one pound (cent) at a time. To grow your money means expressing gratitude for everything in your life.

Do you speak before you think? Maybe you don’t speak because you’re scared of saying something wrong? Maybe you long to write a book? Communication is fundamental to how we co-exist with other humans. Developing our communication skills so that we’re clear, confident and calm when speaking (or writing) is empowering for all concerned.

Baby steps might include learning to slow down and listen fully to another before opening your mouth.

Baby steps might be about speaking your truth even though you’re shaking.

A baby step might be writing 100 words of the novel that you’re too scared to write.

Baby steps might be having a heart-to-heart with your beloved about matters that are important to you.

Baby steps all the way.


Home is where the heart is. It’s our sacred place. It’s where we undress from the world and let go. Perhaps you find yourself frustrated that the kitchen is always filled with dirty dishes. A baby step might involve committing to leave the kitchen clean each night: all dishes washed and put away. Benches cleaned. Floor swept. And how amazing the next morning to walk into an oasis of calm! Regardless of the state of the rooms in your house, you can change them, through baby steps, to create a peaceful haven that nurtures everyone who lives there.

Are the kids driving you nuts? Maybe you’re yearning to create a piece of art but don’t feel you have time. Baby steps. Baby steps will lead you to discover solutions to how you can enjoy being with your children.
Is it to do with time?

Make the changes you wish to see one step at a time.

Want to be creative? Clear the space. Ten minutes to yourself to create art is a great baby step. In two months from now maybe you’ll have created an hour. Don’t put off your creativity because you perceive things are getting in the way.

Create your day.

What baby steps can you put in place to nurture mind, body and soul?

What does your marriage need to thrive? Rather than blaming your partner, look at your role in the relationship. What growth are you bringing? What baby steps will allow you to nourish each other?

Go through all the areas of your life, reflecting on where you’re happy and content, and those spaces and places you’d like to reform, rebuild and re-envision. Write down 5 baby steps for each, then stand up on those tottery feet and take a step. A single step.

As the Chinese proverb says: a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Give to life what you want life to give to you.

So, be kind to yourself. Your moment of power is in that step.

I’d love to hear what baby steps you’ve taken in your life. ~ Veronika x

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Veronika Sophia Robinson is the author of many non-fiction books and novels.

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There are people who come into our lives and open our hearts in ways we could never have imagined before meeting them. With Mars currently transiting my natal eighth house (sometimes called the house of death; though it’s more appropriate to call it the house of psychological transformation), the news of death came knocking on my door, not once, but twice in less than 24 hours. Two loves, two deaths. Both from my heart land of New Zealand.

Two goodbyes.

Yesterday I received news that my former beau, John (my big love before I met Paul), had passed away from Parkinson’s Disease. The news wasn’t entirely unexpected, but to hear he had finally left this earthly realm, which we had shared together for a time, did indeed take my breath away. Rest In Peace, John, and thank you for the memories. (And for the stories I get to tell my daughters about my reckless youth!)

My father’s death in a car crash three years ago really heightened my perception of mortality, and I live my life knowing that at any time I, or those I love, could leave this earthly life. It really amplifies my desire to live a life of purpose and passion. Despite my belief in life after death, and that this life we live is but a mere dream, I still grieve deeply upon news of a passing. I had thought a lot of John recently, aware he was unwell and that his time would come soon. My immediate feeling upon hearing the news was “He’s at peace now.” I felt a sense of relief for him. What more could we wish for someone who has touched our heart deeply?

Today I shed tears in memory of my former lover, John McLean Thornburrow.

Our dear, dear friend Alice has passed away. In her 90s, I should never have expected she’d live forever, but if you knew Alice and her husband Murray you’d probably think they’d be around longer than you and I. They are both such an inspiration to me, and if I live to old age I can only pray that I share their zest for life.

They were keen gardeners and had a thriving garden. Alice knitted booties for premature babies in the hospital. (I secretly modelled some aspects of my character, Caroline Lafferty, in my novel Sisters of the Silver Moon, on Alice because I’ve been so inspired by her.) Her heart was big, kind and loving. Despite having lost a child, she never let it make her into a bitter person. Somehow the loss wove into the fabric of all the things that were amazing about her.

Just yesterday I was looking at a photo of Alice and Murray that I keep in my kitchen, smiling back at their beautiful smiles, and thinking “I must pop a card in the post”. I wanted to send her a copy of my novel to let her know she was immortalised in my character.

Alice and Murray had recently celebrated 72 years of marriage. They were genuinely in love with each other. And of all the couples I know, they are one of about four that I believe were true soul mates. They had such deep respect for each other, and this foundation allowed their marriage to grow and thrive. My grief and upset right now is founded on Murray’s loss of the woman who has been at his side for all of his adult life. How is it possible to move forward when you’ve had that taken away from you? I can’t bear the thought. The ache. The gut-wrenching loss.



The price of loving someone so fully, so deeply, so open-heartedly is that the grief you feel at their passing is in direction proportion to the love. I pray that he feels her love around him every second of the day.

Indeed, there is a time to live, and a time to die. A time to grieve, and most definitely a time to cry.

About Veronika

Veronika Sophia Robinson is the author of many non-fiction books and novels.

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I’m all for setting goals, writing lists, and making things happen. I’m a Capricorn! I know what it’s like to have your eye looking at the top of the mountain.

When it comes to creating our dream life, it’s important to have a clear vision of our future. However, and this is perhaps where many people get caught out in terms of manifesting their reality, it is in the minutiae of life that the dreams put down their roots.

That little mountain goat might well have his eye on the mountain peak, but it is in each and every step with his little hooves that he makes his way there, navigating crevices and rocky paths. He knows that he must eat. He must rest. And surely he must take in the breathtaking views. The goat might be focussed on his destination, but his message to all of us is that it’s the journey which matters.

We can dream of living in a castle, for example, but if we don’t take care of the tent we’re living in, then our subconscious will keep getting the message that we don’t care about the home we live in.



We can dream of meeting ‘the one’, but if on a daily basis we’re not loving, caring and nurturing ‘the one’ (ourselves), then the message we keep creating is that we’re not worth loving and respecting.

We can dream of big overseas holidays and seeing the world, but if we close our eyes to the messages and symbols evident in our daily life then we’re unlikely to grab the significance of what it means to truly head over the horizon.

We can dream of excellent health, but if our daily habits sabotage what it means to create a vibrant body then things are unlikely to change.

We can dream of being wealthy, but if we don’t value ourselves then our purses will always reflect that.

The big picture is always seen in the little picture. To change our life means we have to consciously create our day.


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Veronika Sophia Robinson is the author of many non-fiction books and novels.

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I am doing an author reading in Hampshire. Come along to the playing fields at Ringwood Waldorf School on Tuesday 18th August at 11am – 1pm, and bring a picnic.

There is a plenty of parking, a wholefood cafe and shop, toilets, and also nearby walks, and it is 5 minutes from Moors Valley country park which is a great place for children.

The address is Ringwood Waldorf School, Folly Farm Lane, Ringwood, BH24 2NN. If there is a downpour we will find an indoor space at the school.

RSVP: by August 8th. email:  veronikarobinson(at)hotmail(dot)com

I’ll have a collection of my non-fiction and fiction books. I am happy to sign books, too. If there’s a particular book you’d like to buy or have me read from, do let me know asap.



I don’t get down south very often, so it would be lovely to catch up with my readers, old and new, while I’m down there.

Love, Veronika x



About Veronika

Veronika Sophia Robinson is the author of many non-fiction books and novels.

You can also find her on:
Facebook | Twitter | WattPad

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