New Moon in Leo: issue two of Starflower Living

Issue TwoIssue 2 of Starflower Living, out next weekend. Topics include: Inside the mind of an Ironman, and how to use that mindset for daily life; Leo New Moon; one woman’s discovery of creativity at midlife and how it changed her; maintaining zest for life; wild courage; return to the red tent; chamomile; heart meditation; play: honouring the inner child; earth medicine for vitality; and scrummy recipes.

If you sign up to Mailchimp, I send out an email each month when it’s out. Love, Veronika xxxxxx

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Raspberries and a Red Dress

Oh how I’m loving these warm (by British standards) Summer days. Some of my deepest nourishment comes from walking barefoot around the garden, sampling raspberries, cherries, strawberries and gooseberries. My garden is my sacred space, the place I come to commune with my Higher Self.

It grounds me, and it raises me. My senses are bathed in beauty.

Thank you so much to everyone who has offered generous feedback on our new magazine, Starflower Living, Naturally.

I’ll share a little secret. It was never meant to be a magazine, but a newsletter which kept people up to date with the books we were publishing. But, as usual, when I put my hand to a publishing entity, it takes on a life of its own.

We’ve had so many requests for it to be available as a print magazine, and not just a digital one. We thank you for such a lovely compliment.

There are several reasons for choosing the digital route: one is financial. Huge resources are needed to start and maintain a print publication. You are always at the whim of Royal Mail, an organisation which can double prices overnight if it so chooses. During my 12 years editing/publishing The Mother magazine, we endured regular postal increases. Most of these we ‘swallowed’ rather than passing on to the subscriber. Ironically, in 12 years, the printing costs only went up twice, and even then they were marginal.

The other reason is that Starflower Living is published monthly (well, more frequently than that, as it comes out every New Moon), and there is no way we could get it printed and posted (even just to UK readers) to meet that deadline. Packing and posting a magazine is a time consuming job. My goal at all times is for a stress-free family life, wherever possible.

I would much rather put my energy into doing something I love: gathering information and images, and sharing them. Publishing digitally means on each New Moon we’re available to whoever wants it, wherever they live in the world. So, YES, it would be lovely as a print magazine, but that isn’t my intention. I’m so sorry to disappoint.

Starflower Living is also being offered on a single-issue purchase, rather than by subscription. Maintaining a database can be a full-time job, and that’s without having to send out renewal notices. As one-off purchases, it means people can just buy the issues which resonate with them.

For example, our Leo issue covers themes of courage, zest for life, the red tent movement, the heart, and play. If that doesn’t appeal to you, maybe the Virgo issue will: nutrition, nourishment, sacred space, healing, daily rituals. Or Libra? Love, relationships, marriage, commitment, partnership, beauty, balance and fairness. I think my favourite will be Scorpio. A nice bit of psychological depth as we step into the Northern Hemisphere Autumn.

If you haven’t yet read the launch issue, it’s available FREE from If you like, you can sign up to be notified of when each new issue comes out.



Cycle to the Moon has been printed and should be arriving on my doorstep any day (Monday, hopefully). As soon as I’ve signed the pre-ordered copies, I’ll get them in the post. If you’ve already ordered a copy, I trust you enjoy it.



As I type, my daughter Bethany is playing violin in preparation for an exam next week. She’s going to Bangor University in two months to study composition and conducting. Dependent on passing school exams and her violin exam, of course. Fingers crossed. I am still getting used to having an adult daughter, let alone one about to leave home. She wonders if I’ll miss her. She has no idea what a hole will be left by her absence.

It is said, of parenting, that the days are long but the years are short. Yes indeed.

While we’re enjoying the school holidays, both my daughters are counting down the days until exam results.

Eliza is desperately keen to head back to school and start A Levels. Her chosen subjects are English, History, Media, Philosophy and Ethics. She loves her teachers, and is so passionate about learning. This morning she told me how many days left until school starts. I watched her face light up, and my heart sank. Fifty something days closer to Winter! I told her not to wish my Summer away.

Fortunately she started a part-time job, working in the gym café, which gives her something to fill her Summer days with, and money to spend.

She enjoyed her Prom last week. Here are a couple of pictures.


blogeliza1Eliza Robinson

I’ve been able to spend more time focusing on my next two recipe books. You can find some of the recipes in Starflower Living.

And I’m still writing for The Mother magazine.


Enjoy your Summer (or Winter, if you’re Down Under). Love, Veronika x

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In The Mother’s Kitchen this week

So, I have finally cleared some space to start photographing some of the recipes for my next cookbook: The Mother’s Kitchen. I hope you enjoy them. Love, Veronika x



Lemon-Honey Baked Tofu

Lemon-Honey Baked Tofu


Leek-stuffed mushrooms


Raspberry and Elderflower Muffins


Butternut and chickpea curry with lemon-infused polenta

Butterbean and Spicy Spinach Stew

Butterbean and Spicy Spinach Stew


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Starflower Living, issue one is out now.

Happy New Moon in Cancer! This is the time for nourishing home and family, and taking care of ‘the nest’. You can download your FREE copy of Starflower Living now.




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Living a courageous life



Invitation for Submissions, 2014

Starflower Living (digital magazine) is now seeking submissions for issue 2, publishing July 26th. Due date for articles, photographs or art, July 10th. Please send to: office (at) starflowerpress (dot) com or veronika (no space) robinson (at) hotmail (dot) com



Themes sought for our New Moon in Leo issue include: the heart, courage, pride, fierce determination, fire, passion, love and romance, playfulness, creativity and celebration. (Health-related topics: back and spine, heart, exhaustion, inflammations.)

We seek articles that are original, and haven’t been published (or submitted) elsewhere in print or digitally. Please ensure the work is your own, and is of a professional standard. If submitting art or photographs, please make sure you have written permission from the owner.

Issue 3 themes for the New Moon in Virgo (due date August 8th): healing, healers, helpfulness, service, mentoring, diet/exercise, perfectionism, discrimination, efficiency, weight management, mind/body/soul, alternative health care. Health: solar plexus, bowels and intestines, digestion.

Issue 4 themes for the New Moon in Libra (due date, September 6th): Love, partnership, marriage, kindness, balance, fairness, co-dependency, harmony, beauty, counselling, peace, décor, diplomacy, companionship, grace, luxury and elegance. Health: kidneys, adrenals, sugar imbalance.

Issue 5 themes for the New Moon in Scorpio (due date, October 4th): soul mates, sexuality, transformation, empowerment, letting go, old baggage, psychology, secrets, depth of character, compulsions, deep emotional connections, debt, inheritance, jealousy, abandonment. Health: sexual organs, organs of elimination, menstrual cycle, sexual diseases.

Issue 6 themes for the New Moon in Sagittarius (due date, November 2nd): optimism, faith, adventure, freedom, truth, travel, publishing, horses, expansion, higher learning, Nature, conscience, friendliness, universities, philosophy. Health: thighs, sciatica, liver, hips.

Issue 7 themes for the New Moon in Capricorn (due date, December 1st): self-discipline, commitment, public image, aging, success, reaching goals, financial security, ambition, respect, fathers, and tradition. Health: knees, skin, bones, joints, gall bladder/stones, arthritis.

Starflower is also known as borage. Borage comes from the Celtic word borrach which means courage. Starflower Living is a publication dedicated to holistic and courageous living.

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Knowing ~ when you meet your soul mate


By Veronika Sophia Robinson


April 16th, 1995 This day will forever remain the anniversary of my heart. It was the day you first kissed me. The day you held me close, looked into my eyes, and found me. In that moment, you held me as if I was the most precious thing in the Universe. You’ve done so every day since. I can still feel that first hug, your soft breath against the curve of my neck, and the sense of knowing that I’d come home.

April 16th was when I touched my Happily Ever After.

Funny, just a few weeks before you turned up and made me laugh, I’d written a list of my ‘ideal man’ requirements. Near the top of the list was ‘someone who’d sing to me’. The Universe must have smiled that day, knowing that you were a professional singer and that it would be just the blink of an eye until we found each other again. Even now, all these years later, hearing your voice in the shower has me whispering ‘thank you.’

The first song you ever sang to me was “If tomorrow never comes, would she know how much I loved her…” As the years have ticked on by, this has remained ‘our song’.

I knew you were unlike the fifty or so men I had dated in the previous ten years. I simply knew. You felt different, both to the touch, and to my heart. You smelled different, too. You smelt like a man I wanted to breathe in night and day: a sexy combination of the earthy spice cumin and kind, loving man. Your voice soothed me to sleep, and your love woke me up. Through empathy, kindness, awareness and tenderness, you found ways to help me blossom into the woman I am today. Quite simply, my love, you healed me.

Perhaps it was the way you made me laugh, or your shy yet mischievous smile. One thing was for sure: I knew you were different. I knew, in that language beyond words, that you and I had known each other forever. How else would it have been possible for us to move in with each other the next day, promising that we wanted to be with each other for a long time?

On this, our nineteenth anniversary, I still know. Not once have you ever made me feel bad about myself, or inadequate as a woman or a lover. You have tilted your whole life in such a way so that I can fully live mine, not from sacrifice, but love.


A blustery day: Green Bay, Auckland, New Zealand.

A blustery day: Green Bay, Auckland, New Zealand.

I see you walk through the street in town towards me, and I realise “Oh, I know him! That lovely man is mine!” My heart pounds as if I’m 16 years old. I go weak at the knees because I know that it wasn’t a silly, spontaneous decision to spend my life with you. I know that we were simply picking up wherever we left off in a previous life. And if reincarnation isn’t real, then I simply thank my stars for such damn good luck!

Nineteen years later, our baby is off to university. Both of our daughters are a living embodiment of our knowing. Before we had even made love, I knew you’d be an amazing father. And you have been, and still are.

You have shown me that my inner knowing is the greatest tool I have in this lifetime. When you had a heart attack last year, I knew that my life would never, could never, be the same again if you left this earthly world. Who would make me laugh the way you do? Who would catch my tender heart when it aches? Who would be a role model to our daughters about what a ‘real man’ is like? And who the heck would clean up the cat vomit in such a perfect way?

I live each day grateful that you’re still here, walking side by side with me, knowing that each day is a beautiful miracle.

This, I know: if tomorrow never comes, I will know how much you loved me. You, my love, have never left me in any doubt.

Just before we met, a tarot card reader told me about a man coming into my life. A man so amazing that I would pinch myself every day. She was right. Nineteen years later, I am still pinching myself. Nineteen years later, I am still laughing dozens of times each day. You, make me do that. You, are the love of my life. You, honey. Only you.

When I’m asked how you can tell if someone is the ‘right’ person for you, my reply is always the same: you don’t have to ask, you just know.


I submitted the above piece to an online journal called When Women Awake. The theme was ‘knowing’. My piece was rejected for not having ‘emotional complexity’ and because it wasn’t considered interesting.
Today I humbly share this rejection with you, thankful for every day I have spent with my beloved. I hope you enjoyed reading it and do, indeed, find it interesting and rich with the emotion I feel for this amazing man in my life. ~ Veronika x

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