A consequence of getting older (50 is on my horizon in just over a year) is an ever-growing, deeper appreciation for this amazing thing called life. I suppose, in my youth, it was something I simply took for granted. After all, I was going to live for a very long time. Often reckless, I bumbled along always ready for the next crazy adventure.




When my dad died four years ago, his life cruelly snatched in a car accident one rainy morning in Australia, I faced mortality in a way that impacted me more than any other person’s death ever had. Hell, if my dad—superman—could die, then what hope was there for the rest of us? My dad, who’d survived third-degree burns in a fire in Papua New Guinea, malaria, pneumonia, cancer (twice), triple-bypass surgery, was gone. Just like that.




In life, I was all too aware of how different we were. I hadn’t realised, until his death, the things we’d had in common: workaholic and ambitious. His death was my turning point, and for that I am so grateful. No longer was it acceptable to work seven days a week. Seriously, what was the point? The only thing we take with us when we die is love. And so death taught me to slow down. Really slow down. I no longer put pressure on myself. I haven’t gone from Type A personality to lazy ass, but I have slipped into a way of living that rests on one thing: pleasure. Does it make me happy? Does it honour me and my loved ones?

Interestingly, today’s super Full Moon is in the sign of abundant, money-loving, security-conscious Taurus. When I held my dad’s hand in his open casket, thanking him for all the hard work he’d done so we could have an abundant childhood on our property in rural Australia, my overriding feeling was: what was the point?



He had worked so hard. He’d earnt a lot of money (and lost it, too) in his life. He worked overseas for months at a time. All that work. All that money. None of it was with him anymore. That moment solidified for me the true meaning of wealth: it’s in the minutiae of daily life, and the joy we allow ourselves to feel. It’s never about money in the bank (or under the bed). It’s the wells of gratitude we feel for this amazing life, and the passions we explore. I actually don’t know how long it would have taken me to figure that out had I not experienced my father’s death or witnessed his dead body.




I don’t measure my wealth by my bank statements, but by the feeling I have when I wake up in the morning (glad to be alive, and looking forward to the day ahead), and the sense of satisfaction that tingles through every cell of my body when I crawl into my cosy bed at night.

This Christmas will be the first time, as a family, that we will have one daughter at home instead of two. It was just yesterday, though, I’m sure, when I decorated the tree with all the baby booties knitted for the impending birth of my first-born child; and how my loving husband would massage my pregnant belly beneath the lights of the tree. And now, that daughter will be having a Christmas tree with her first-born daughter. She will be starting her own family traditions. Oh how swiftly life travels by!


Each day, I find myself wanting to slow everything down just that bit more. I bought baby clothes for our little granddaughter, Sarah, yesterday…always thinking ahead to what she’ll need. At 11 weeks old, and blessing our lives in such beautiful ways, I find myself looking at clothes for 6 month olds, and even a year old. And yet, as fun as it will be to watch her become more fully who she is, I want to treasure these moments of babyness forever, and to breathe in the delicious scent of her skin. But life doesn’t work like that, does it? And each day she spends getting older, is one more day closer to my mother (now aged 77, living in Tasmania, Australia) getting closer to her transition. I’ve not seen my mother for eleven years now, and each day I am conscious that I want to see her again, and wrap my arms around her tightly. I don’t want to find myself in Tassie at her funeral without having had more time with her.




Death. It makes you want more of life. Makes you greedy for all the love, joy, pleasure, fun and happiness. Life is so precious. Grab it with both hands. Enjoy that cappuccino, laze in bed that little bit longer on a Sunday morning, slow kiss your lover,  throw out your scales, snuggle up by the fire with a good book, take luxurious walks in Nature, kiss your kids even when you’re busy, make time to chat with friends, be extra loving to your partner, create meals you love to eat. These are the things which make life rich and beautiful. These are credit in the bank of life.




Day in and day out, the vast majority of people in our culture are participating in what is known as ‘the rat race’. Essentially, it equates to living a life of enormous stress in the process of trying to get to some mythical place. I mean, has anyone actually ever won this race, and if they did, what was the prize?

This full Moon in Taurus (Tuesday, October 27th at 12.05 UK time) highlights the need to remember the simple pleasures of life. After all, the quality of life is to be found here not in the ‘big events’.

Pleasure is what nurtures our senses. What makes our eyes swoon? Or our taste buds go ‘yum’? What appeals to you when breathe in deeply? How do you like to be touched? What sounds nourish you?

This journey through life is based on individual days. If we’re racing through them trying to keep up with the Jones family next door (who the hell were they anyway?), incurring unmanageable debts, feeling frazzled with the children, and taking on too many commitments because of our inability to say ‘no’ to others instead of saying ‘yes’ to ourselves, then we’re highly likely to miss the details.

It is in the small moments that the exquisite beauty of this glorious life can be found. You can not experience it in any way that is deeply fulfilling if you’re speeding through life. Slow down. Learn from the bull archetype of Taurus: walk through the wildflower meadow, and breathe.

Ours is a culture which doesn’t value silence, stillness, slowness or quality pleasure. Hell, we even have speed dating!

In all this hustle and bustle, there’s very little we need do to connect with the food we eat: ready-made meals to go. Heck, you can even buy mashed potato (gag). What has become of us that we don’t take the time and pleasure to make meals from scratch? Seriously, how hard is it to peel a potato or chop some vegetables? (Injuries withstanding)

The simple pleasures of life are all around us. They haven’t disappeared, but we’ll miss them if we don’t pay attention.

All around me is a world filled with wonder. The huge holly tree outside my writing room is rich with red berries. They’ll adorn our festive celebration this Winter Solstice.

The oak tree in the centre of my village is wearing a crown of mustard-coloured leaves. Nearby is a purple beech. Together, the colours are magnificent.

Geese fly in a v formation across an apricot-hued sky.

The cat purrs contentedly in my lap.

Woodsmoke tells me Autumn is here.


My garden offers up Autumn raspberries and plump blueberries. It’s almost November, and I’m blessed with sunflowers in my front garden. Each morning, I start my day by burning incense in the lounge room. It’s a little thing, but it nourishes me deeply to have my home smell of this delightful scent.



Throughout the day, my husband stops to hug me, kiss me or simply to look in my eyes so he can tell me he loves me. It is a love I can believe in. Pleasure.

I pick up a novel, snuggle on the sofa by the woodstove, and read. Pleasure.

A friend phones to chat. Locked away in our little psychic sound chamber, we laugh. Pleasure.

Hot steaming peppermint tea soothes my senses. Pleasure.



I rip fresh basil leaves to go in the tomato salad. Pleasure.

Lying in bed watching the starlight and waxing Moon, and feeling my connection, my rightful place in this incredible Universe, is bliss. Pleasure.

Having a friendship circle of people who are kind, honest, loyal and wise. Pleasure.

Hearing my daughters laugh. Witnessing them creating their lives. Pleasure.



My mother’s lyrical voice on the answering machine. Pleasure.

Listening to my intuition. Pleasure.

Creating a pot of delicious soup. Pleasure.

Walking barefoot upon the grass. Pleasure.

I water my houseplants, grateful for their beauty and ability to remove toxins from the air. Pleasure.

Essential oil of eucalyptus swirls up in the steamy water as I mop the kitchen floor. Pleasure.

Conditioning my hair with rosemary. Pleasure.

I light a beeswax candle, and surrender to the mesmerising light. Pleasure.

Noticing the peace lily, my friend Clare gave me, come into bloom. Pleasure.

Moving barrows of firewood and knowing we’re going to be warm. Pleasure.

Slow down. This is where life is.

Celebrate the Full Moon in Taurus by honouring all the ways in which you can bring pleasure into your life. Soak in a hot bubble bath. Buy yourself some flowers. Go for a walk in the woods. Bake a cake! Nibble on that dark chocolate. You deserve it.

Full Moons bring light to the dark: they provide revelations.

The Sun is now in Scorpio, shining its light on that zodiac sign’s themes: debt, death, sex, endings, transformation, loans, taxes and so on. It is the area of life where we have to ‘share’ with another if we expect to be truly intimate.

The Moon in Taurus is all about pleasure, wealth, riches, resources, damn good food (be careful not to overeat on comfort foods), massages, and anything else that nourishes the physical body. Taurus rules the throat, so if you have thyroid issues use this full Moon to seek guidance on how to heal this. For example, have a daily intake of kelp.

Draw down the Moon, and send your blessings and wishes out to the Universe.



You can ground yourself with the energy of this full Moon by acknowledging the Sun and the Moon, and their messages. This is what it means to live in balance. This Moon will make you aware of what it is you VALUE.

You can also use this energy to find a way to take ‘what you love’ and earn an income from it.

Use this energy to re-evaluate the areas of your life to do with the themes of Scorpio and Taurus: debt, credit, wealth, poverty, struggle, pleasure, passions, fears, joys, intimacy, traumas, beauty, values, self worth.

Embrace all aspects of your life, and you’ll find yourself empowered.

Authenticity comes from honesty within and without. This can be achieved by being conscious of your thoughts and actions. To understand what might be locked in your subconscious vault, look at what patterns keep appearing in your life. The full Moon is a great time to shed light on this. Find a balance between the deep emotional world of Scorpio and the physical world of Taurus. Manifest what you want by improving your self worth.

Full Moon Blessings!



I imagine most of us have used a funnel at some time. Do you use the wide, open end to pour your liquid, or the thin, narrow end? Of course you use the open side. It would be silly and pointless to use the other end.



And yet…and yet how many people go through life with the narrow end pointing out to the Universe? To be open to consciously receiving all the good and abundance and joy and love and happiness and riches of this amazing world, we have to open our heart and mind as widely as possible. Our receiving container must have the capacity to receive.

Studies have shown the positive people appear to have luckier lives because, quite simply, they expect to have their container filled. These are the people with the open side of the funnel as their ‘first responder’ to any event in life.

Those who go through life with an aura of pessimism can’t expect to receive more than a few miserly crumbs.



Is it possible to change who you are and start looking for the best in life? Hell yes! Is it possible to change the direction of your funnel? Yes!

The question is: do you want to receive the abundance of this world?

Thank you to my husband Paul for this lovely analogy. Sometimes it’s the simplest images, isn’t it?

Now, my friends, pick up your metaphorical funnel and hold the wide, open end out to the Universe and say YES PLEASE. Thank you!