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Handfasting Ceremony

Handfasting Ceremony at the Callanish Stones, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides Take one absolutely beautiful bride and groom from Australia. Add a four-year journey getting to know them (aka postponements due to you know what)… Set the ceremony at the World-famous Callanish Stones on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. Throw in 30km […]

Elopement in Cumbria

Getting to know Nicky and Karen was a true joy for me. I meet so many couples in my work as a Wedding Celebrant, a job I’ve thoroughly enjoyed for 28 years now, and it never ceases to amaze me the pure magic involved in how people meet and when that spark takes hold. Their […]

Eden Barn Wedding

Fraser and Emily’s wedding ceremony at the delightful Eden Barn was truly a day to remember. That morning, as I was preparing to leave home, the thunder rumbled and lightning flashes lit up the dark sky. We’d just managed to pack the car with my amplifier and microphone, despite the torrential rain, when the electricity […]

Discrimination-free Celebrancy

An essential part of my role as a celebrant is having an openness and open heart towards all human beings, and practising non-duality. As a Heart-led Celebrant I am inclusive in my work. What does this mean?   I practise discrimination-free celebrancy. This means that I will not discriminate (or associate with those who discriminate) […]

Love At The Treble Clef Cafe

So, ten years ago, I spent the Summer writing romance novels. I’d rise early at about 4.30 and write for a few hours before starting my work day. Well, those five novels have ended up ‘napping’ on my laptop for a decade. February is romance-novel month, so that’s a perfect time for them to be […]

Write That Eulogy

Write That Eulogy: the art and craft of biographical storytelling ISBN 978-1-7398336-6-4 ©  Veronika Sophia Robinson ©  Extract from Changing Places by Paul Robinson ©  Cover illustration by Sarah Esau   Cover design, interior design and typesetting: Starflower Press   Literary Criticism UK £12.99 Published by Starflower Press www.starflowerpress.com 170 pages     “It is […]