A lot of controversy on the internet about whether Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge, used a surrogate to give birth, because, they claim, a woman can not look that good after giving birth!

Here’s the truth: a natural, unmedicated birth can be a time of ecstasy, and for some women, birth is orgasmic. FACT: Women look great when they’ve had an orgasm! Relaxed, sated, joyful. It is the ultimate pleasure elixir. The Duchess did have the benefit of a hairdresser, but nevertheless, there is no reason for her not to be up walking and looking radiant hours after giving birth. Natural birth is empowering. When a woman gives birth in this way she feels like she can take on the world (with or without a hairdresser). In many cultures, women simply squat, give birth, and then get up and join their tribe.

The fuss about how good Catherine looked is just another insidious way of perpetuating that birth is painful, dangerous and difficult. It does not have to be like that. Nature designed us to give birth easily.

There’s a reason my book, The Birthkeepers, consistently outranks my other (non-fiction) books in sales: women, in their hearts, know the truth ~ that a gentle, beautiful birth is what nature intended for us. When we meet a woman’s biological mammalian needs, the outcome at birth is drastically different to the images portrayed in the media.



As a mother, my daughters expect to hear me say, whenever we watch a birth in a movie/tv show, “BIRTH DOES NOT HAVE TO BE LIKE THAT!”

They smile, good humouredly, and say “We know, Mum.”