In my twenty eight years as a wedding celebrant, I’ve never officiated more than one wedding a day (and nor will I in the future). And there’s a good reason or this: my intention is always quality over quantity. My promise to each wedding couple is that they’ll have my undivided attention. This focus means that I’m not under any time pressure and nor are they (and nor will I get their names wrong!). A registrar, for example, who often officiates several services a day, offers no leeway for a change of plans.


For Claire’s gorgeous wedding at Grubbin’s Point, Cumbria, they stood on this heart of moss surrounded by heart-shaped stones that her and Tony collected on beach walks.

For example, I had a ceremony recently where one of the essential suppliers had a flat tyre on the way to the venue. Had it been a registrar-led service, the bride would have had to have her ceremony even though she didn’t have what she needed for the day.

Oftentimes I have couples who’d love an outdoor ceremony. The weather being what it is in Britain, we’re often rained off! However, due to my flexibility and promise, we can wait a shower out if it means you’ll get your ceremony outdoors.

We just missed the rain for Paul and Katie’s gorgeous outdoor ceremony at Appleby Castle.

From my perspective, I’m yours till the ceremony is complete. I am patient, flexible and adaptable.

When a couple books me for their ceremony, I block off the whole day (and the day before for a rehearsal). A lot of my couples, somewhere in the lead up to the ceremony, change the start time. This is 100% fine with me. Imagine, though, if I had another ceremony booked? It certainly wouldn’t be fine!


Katie’s gorgeous processional for her wedding to Paul at Appleby Castle.

Many times I’ve been called by distressed couples because their celebrant has let them down at short notice. Also, it’s not unusual for celebrants to ‘double book’ and then, as they draw closer to the day, decide which couple they most prefer to work with. This is not part of my celebrant practice.


Darryl and Greg’s Ceremony was at Three Hills Barn, Cumbria

When I say to my couples that they’re in safe hands, this is true. I come with 28 years of experience, and have never missed a ceremony. I’m organised, reliable and dedicated to giving you the BEST DAY EVER.


Laura and Gina’s BEST DAY EVER. I loved being their celebrant.

Veronika Robinson is an Aussie celebrant and celebrant trainer living in Cumbria who officiates across all rites of passage. From elopements and micro-weddings to huge ceremonies, her style is relaxed, authentic and friendly. With a Masters Degree in Creative Writing, she brings this to her storytelling. As an independent Heart-led Celebrant, she officiates ceremonies according to each client’s beliefs and is happy to create weddings which are religious, spiritual, agnostic or humanist in the setting of your choice, day or night, any day or season of the year.

Veronika Robinson has been a celebrant for 27 years. She officiates ceremonies, across all rites of passage, from Callanish to Cornwall, however works primarily out of Cumbria. She is also a celebrant trainer at Heart-led Celebrants, and is editor of The Celebrant magazine.


Rite of Cocktail Mixing: Dark and Stormy

by Veronika Robinson

It was a dark and stormy time in Laura’s life when Steve brought just the right ingredients to turn things around. This ritual symbolises the blending together of their two lives.

The Dark and Stormy Cocktail is a rather mystical, mysterious and strong libation based on just three distinct ingredients:

Kraken spiced rum

Ginger beer

Lime juice

Rum symbolises that happiness and a good time were coming their way!

They each took turns adding the ingredients.

Rum improves with age. It has a way of becoming bolder and more confident, and this is what we wished for them individually and as a married couple.

Lime symbolises fidelity. We asked that they stay faithful to each other physically, emotionally and with each thought they had. Lime brings out the elements of this drink and, just like marriage, a tangy touch can bring out the essence.


Ginger is for abundance and good fortune coming into their home. We wished that this remains so for the rest of their lives.


To give this cocktail its stormy feature, Steve add a second shot of rum.

The individual ingredients still existed as entities in their own right but blended together made something interesting, distinctive and strong.

They then enjoyed three celebratory sips, with each one symbolising a different aspect of their love.

Couple: Mr and Mrs Stables 

Celebrant: Veronika Robinson

Venue: New House Farm, Lorton near Cockermouth, Cumbria

Photographer: Joshua Wyborn