Well, as far as lovely days go, this one certainly fits into that category.

The weather alone is enough to send me into a state of bliss. I’m grateful for every second of this so-called heat wave. Of course, it’s nowhere near like my native Australia, but after almost seventeen years of shivering in Cumbria, this patch of weather is just what I needed.

I enjoyed deep-water aquafit first thing this morning with my daughter who is home from university for the Summer. Then I popped by my florist and treated myself to some eucalyptus! One of my favourite scents in the world. It always reminds me of walking through a eucalyptus forest after a storm. Heavenly.






Oooooooooooh and I got my first shipment of books: my new novel, Sisters of the Silver Moon. So overjoyed to read the five-star reviews on Amazon UK this morning! Thank you everyone!






My author tour kicks off this Saturday with a book launch at my home. Seems appropriate since the book was written here.



Time to start signing books! Beautiful cover art by the gorgeous Sara Simon.


And then I spent some playful hours in the garden: gardening, eating melon, chatting to my daughter and a friend, cuddling a baby, reading a novel, and then it was inside to join Bethany as she made dinner. Now this is one of my favourite meals ever, but I rarely make it because my other daughter does NOT like mushrooms. She’s away for the night, so I grabbed my chance to do a full-on mushroom meal with two hands. I left Bethany to it as the onions and garlic sautéed with bay leaves in a rich tomato sauce. I popped a bunch of mushrooms, tomatoes and garlic in the oven while her Mystic Sauce bubbled away.



The warmth of the day found its way to the kitchen. The radio was on the classical music station. All is perfect in my world. Today. That’s all we ever have, isn’t it? Just today. That’s why we should savour every one.



One of my favourite recipes from The Mystic Cookfire, my popular recipe book with more than 280 plant-based meals.







** My mushroom recipe can be found inside The Mystic Cookfire: the sacred art of creating food for friends and family. It’s gluten and dairy free.


My favourite things: books, flowers, fabulous food, friends, sunshine, family (not necessarily in that order).If you love those things too, then I reckon you’ll enjoy my new novel. On Kindle, and paperback. Amazon, and other online retailers, and good bookshops. Signed copies from www.veronikarobinson.com



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