I have many ‘favourite’ moments of the day, but somewhere near the top is the feeling I have when I climb into bed each night. There’s a weariness to my bones, but also a deep sense of appreciation for a life well-lived and enjoyed. I am so grateful, as I sink down beneath the covers, for the day I’ve had.


It’s so easy in our give-me, give-me, give-me culture to take things for granted: the roof over our head, the relative luxury we live in, clean running water, electricity, community, an abundance of foods, reliable infrastructure, medical care, and so on. We have it all, and yet, how many people moan about this and that?


A simple practice which can change the way you see your life is to write down five things each day for which you are grateful. Even on a bad-hair day, there are always things for which to give thanks. When it’s a daily habit, you find yourself writing down 20 or more things.

Try it!

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