When I wrote The Mystic Cookfire, it was meant to be a small collection of recipes from the camps I hosted when editing The Mother magazine. But like most of my books, it had a life of its own…it grew to more than 424 pages! It’s a heavy recipe book!

It is inevitable with most lengthy documents that the eyes glaze over when proofreading…

I’ve been conscious of errors and omissions, and now that I’m no longer editing The Mother, I feel it’s time to fix up any typos etc., and change the writing to the present tense to make it clear to new readers that that part of my life is over.


The Mystic Cookfire, available from www.starflowerpress.com, Amazon and good bookshops

The Mystic Cookfire, available from www.starflowerpress.com, Amazon and good bookshops

If you have a copy of The Mystic Cookfire, and have noticed anything amiss (for example, an ingredient mentioned in the method but not in the ingredients list, or something unclear with a direction, PLEASE drop me a line or more to let me know what recipe/page needs amending.

Doing this is one of my Autumn jobs, and if you can help me with that I’d be most grateful. To be clear, the revised edition won’t be containing new information, just an amendment of any errors.

I’m still really proud of this book, and sometimes I just stand back and go ‘wow, there is a lot in this book’. It was great to send my daughter off to uni with a copy, knowing that many of her favourite meals are in there.

The illustrations, by Sara Simon, are fantastic! I love each and every one of them. She’s a very talented lady.

I’m still working on my next two recipe books, which I’ll complete when I’ve got The Mystic up to date.

Blessings, Veronika x

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