The years of peri-menopause and menopause are often shrouded in words like: hot flush, weight gain, and an assortment of other physical symptoms. However, the physical body is not the only way we express and experience ‘the change’.


Increasingly, women are finding that there are a host of inner changes happening too, and one of those is in relation to self, identity and how we are in our marriage (significant relationship). Finding the balance between self and relationship can be a time of great soul searching.


If you’d like to take part in a creative three-hour workshop (via Zoom) on this topic, please get in touch for a booking form. Alternatively, if you’re interested in contributing to my research on this, you’re welcome to do so. Your contributions will be treated confidentially.



Marriage, Menopause and You WORKSHOP

9am to Noon (UK time)

Saturday 4th December 2021


A three-hour workshop exploring the psycho-spiritual changes of menopause, and the balance between self and relationship.

Through writing, symbolism, creativity, and reflection, this is an opportunity to take a deeper look at your internal landscape while in the company and support of other women.


Facilitated by Veronika Sophia Robinson

Via Zoom.

£15 per person


Places limited. Booking essential.

Veronika Robinson is the author of Cycle to the Moon; Celebrating The Menstrual Trinity: Menarche, Menstruation, Menopause, and an assortment of other books. She facilitates workshops for women, including the menstrual trinity; and as a celebrant creates all manner of ceremonies, including weddings, parting of the ways, sagesse and crone ceremonies. Veronika is a psychological astrologer, and weaves deep-level symbolism into her work.