On any given day, I’m fairly conscious of what sign the Moon is transiting.

As an astrologer, I know my natal (birth) chart inside out. Understanding where the Moon is at any given time allows me to live my life in a more natural rhythm.

There are days when I’m naturally more creative and desperate to write, or feel like cooking or gardening. And then there are the days I really need solitude or to listen to music or be with my lover. On other days, I schedule in coffee dates with friends.

Living by the Moon also allows me, as a woman, to be further aware of my feminine cycles of ovulation and menstruation.

As a gardener, I like to plant seeds based on what element the Moon is in. For example, root vegetables when in an earth sign. Leafy greens for water signs; flowers for air signs; and fruits and above ground vegetables for fire signs.

In astrology, we look to the sign the Moon is in (In a birth chart) to understand someone’s emotional make-up. What makes them feel emotionally safe and nurtured? What was their mothering like? How do they nurture? We might think of the Moon as a big rock up in the sky with not much on it, but in astrology the Moon is probably the most important part of a person’s chart.

Did you see the gorgeous full Moon the other night? Here is how she looked last night outside my writing room.


Aries Moon

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