It’s too easy, sometimes, when we’re in the depths of despair, to think it will last forever. The truth is that life is cyclical. No matter our path in life, we all have ups and downs. There are seasons of joy and delight, and seasons of grief and pain ~ and every variation in between.


I am witnessing friends who are in the downward spiral of a season whereby they are watching a lover fading from this world. My heart aches for them, and with them. I silently pray: this too, shall pass.


Sometimes we see people and think their lives are always ‘good’. The truth is we never know what is going on below the surface. It’s too easy to judge a life by the externals.


I watched an interview with Australian actress Nicole Kidman recently (just before her father died of a heart attack) and she was saying that she often has times of wondering (I’m paraphrasing here) ‘what’s the point of all this?’ ‘why are we here?’

Right there with you, girl.


These questions can drive us crazy. What is the meaning of life? What is this all about? I had these questions when I was five, and 42 years later they are still there nagging me, night and day. By nature, I’m optimistic…but sometimes when these questions claw away at me I find it hard to embrace that natural skip in my step. I remind myself: this too, shall pass.

I’ve never been one for shallow thinking or shallow living. And therein nestles the problem, really. If you don’t think and don’t question things then it’s quite easy to just keep moving along on the rollercoaster of life oblivious to anything meaningful or substantial.


When my younger daughter, also a deep thinker, asks me what the meaning of life is, I reply: the meaning of life is the meaning we give to it. We are all here for a reason, a purpose. No human life is an accident. What we choose to do with this one sacred life is always in our hands.


Last year, my elder daughter really struggled with bullying at school. We were greatly concerned for her welfare. She was having panic attacks, and every day was torture. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure how she got through it.


Moving to university has changed her life. She’s in an up cycle. Not only did she pass her audition and get into the university orchestra as first violin, she won a leading role in the musical theatre production; was chosen to do a workshop with the BBC Welsh Orchestra, has made great friends, and is absolutely loving life. To hear her message on the answering machine the other day that she’d got results back for her seminars and received two As and a B just confirmed once again that she’s in a much different place, not just geographically, but emotionally. It is like someone has sprinkled gold dust on her life. Long may it last.


As an astrologer, I have the benefit of understanding when certain ‘energies’ will show up in my life (or the lives of my clients). There are times to take shelter from the storms, and times to run out in the sunshine. There are times when we have to work really hard, and times when gold dust sprinkles upon us.


Wherever you are in life, trust that the seasons come and go, and that change is good.


Everything that comes into our life, whether it be a person, health issue, situation or experience is there for our soul growth. In this school of life, we are here to learn. We can do so begrudgingly or with joy. The choice is ours.

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