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I’m pleased to announce that my Holistic Parenting Podcasts are just about ready for you to download. The first five episodes will be on my website this week. Keep visiting the site for the latest episodes.

These are the first twenty topics. If there are any themes or questions about holistic parenting that you’d like me to talk about, do leave a comment below or get in touch via my author page on Facebook (Veronika Sophia Robinson author) or via twitter: @veronikasophia


Episode 1: My holistic childhood
Episode 2: Alternatives to hitting and yelling
Episode 3: Holistic approaches to bedwetting
Episode 4: Holistic Parenting 101
Episode 5: The boundaries of parenting
Episode 6: Bonding and babywearing
Episode 7: Why do babies cry?
Episode 8: Teenage mothers and breastfeeding
Episode 9: Insufficient Milk Syndrome
Episode 10: Toddler tantrums

Episode 11: Should boys play with toy weapons?
Episode 12: Children and Fairytales. Who were they really written for?
Episode 13: Men at birth. Do they have a place there?
Episode 14: Protecting our children from modern culture.
Episode 15: Iron and breast milk: debunking the myths.
Episode 16: Miscarriage
Episode 17: Introducing first foods
Episode 18: A shamanic journey through peri-menopause
Episode 19: Conscious conception
Episode 20: Morning sickness












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