Veronika’s thyme and green veg with spaghetti


I’m not a big fan of pasta, and it certainly was no hardship to give up when I became gluten free. Gluten is damaging to the thyroid and needs to be eliminated if you plan on having a balanced hormonal system.



A few simple organic ingredients = dinner



But, you know, with the right seasonings and vegetables, a plate of pasta can hit the spot. If you know me well, though, there is no way you’ll get pasta from me without a good dose of vegetables thrown in. This delightfully quick meal will satisfy your taste buds, fill your belly and give you your greens. And this one is gluten free. And vegan. And vegetarian. What more do you want?





Perfect to take to work, too. Just pop it into a Kilner jar.

Thyme and Green Veg Spaghetti (gluten free)

300g green beans, trimmed and cut into thirds
200g tenderstem broccoli, chopped
400g leeks, trimmed, quartered, and sliced
500g brown rice gluten-free spaghetti
1 T fresh thyme leaves
2 T Marigold’s organic vegan bouillon
Sea salt
Coarse black pepper
Smoked paprika
Olive oil

Sauté the leek and beans in olive oil and stir occasionally for ten minutes or until the beans are tender, then add the broccoli and seasonings.

Be generous with your seasonings, but do so according to taste. I adore smoked paprika and black pepper and am rather unrestrained!

Meanwhile, boil a pan of water with the bouillon powder added. Into the boiling water, break spaghetti in half, and add a few pieces at a time (so they don’t stick together).

Once cooked, drain, then mix the vegetables though. Da daaaaa! Enjoy.

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