Do you love to cook? Maybe you are not a natural cook and each meal is a chore? Let me help you find the LOVE.

My second recipe book has had a bit of an evolution, and most recipes that I planned to include have gone out the door. The book reflects my journey into a more defined way of eating, namely gluten free.

The book began life titled The Mother’s Kitchen as a spin-off, if you like, from when I was editor of The Mother magazine. It no longer felt appropriate to call it that when I gave the magazine to someone else. I then called it In My Kitchen, but that didn’t feel quite right. I have to thank my friend Denise for inspiring the title Love From My Kitchen. It feels good to me on several levels: food is love. I serve with love. I create meals with love. I hope you enjoy the book as well as the title. I expect to publish in the Autumn.


Pea and Mint Fritters



Lemon Cornbread and Lime and Blackbean Chilli

Although the book won’t have pictures or photographs, you can see some of the recipe photographs on my Facebook page:



Pumpkin and Fresh Thyme Risotto



Vegetable Juice

If you loved The Mystic Cookfire, you won’t be disappointed with Love From My Kitchen. If you’ve not yet got a copy of The Mystic, what the heck are you waiting for? More than 280 plant-based recipes! Chop! Chop! Or should I say ‘chomp chomp’?



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