Ah, the New Moon. It’s such a potent time for wishes. This weekend’s New Moon is in Gemini: the storyteller’s Moon. As a writer, I can’t tell you how exciting it is to be publishing the second book in The Gypsy Moon Trilogy (Behind Closed Doors) at this time.


The first book, Sisters of the Silver Moon, was published a year ago, on the Scribe’s Moon.



Behind Closed Doors
Book two in The Gypsy Moon Trilogy

Although we all live behind closed doors,
what lives in our heart is visible to the whole world.


As Starr Linden begins writing a series of syndicated articles on the theme of Behind Closed Doors, she soon realises that the most potent story of all is within her own family.

Her aunt Astrid’s journey to reclaiming motherhood brings her family of origin together, and as she finds a way through the trauma which has eroded her heart for decades, Astrid discovers that, in one way or another, we all live behind closed doors, and that what lives in our heart is visible to the whole world.

In this continuing family saga, Astrid wonders: is it possible to forgive the person who should have protected you? Can love grow in a barren heart? Is motherhood instinctual, or must it be learnt? Or perhaps, like moss, it doesn’t need roots to grow and thrive.



Behind Closed Doors
Book Two, The Gypsy Moon Trilogy
By Veronika Sophia Robinson
Cover illustration by Sara Simon
ISBN: 978-0-9931586-3-6
288 pages
Published by Starflower Press

British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data.
A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library.

RRP £7.99 UK
Also available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle from next week.

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