On the first night Paul and I spent together, I had invited him for dinner. Afterwards, my flatmate pulled out something called The Transformation Game. It was created at Findhorn (the spiritual community in the north of Scotland).



It’s unlike any other board game I’ve ever played. Each player asks a question relevant to their life, and through the course of the game you are given answers through angel cards, life setback cards, universal feedback cards, life insight cards and there are also awareness tokens, service tokens, pain cards and the envelope for holding your personal unconscious.

You enter the game through the physical realm (birth), then graduate to the emotional, mental and spiritual levels.


For almost twenty years I have held that game up on a pedestal. Paul came to my home as a virtual stranger (apart from the fact he’d made me laugh out loud several times at my place of work ~ a school of metaphysics), and left at 5am as the man whom I would spend the rest of my life with. We literally moved in together the next day.

My question was about whether I should go to Ministerial school or have a baby. Both desires were incredibly strong. I had deep urges to become a Minister of Metaphysics, but also this daughter, somewhere in the ethers, had already told me her name and that she’d be with me soon (ha! I was pregnant six weeks later).

Paul’s question (bless his little cotton socks) was: will there be a new relationship for me?

And here we are now. In April, we’ll celebrate 20 years since we spent that first evening together.

This Christmas, I gave Paul (big drum roll) The Transformation Game. Who could ever have imagined that we’d end up playing it with our daughters?

I loved watching our girls yesterday, with their questions, receiving ‘feedback’ and how those answers they were looking for came from deep within themselves. It’s not a ‘quick’ game. You need at least about three hours. I look forward to Paul sharing his Christmas gift with us many times over the years.

Transformation. It’s such a beautiful thing!

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