For twelve years I published a niche parenting magazine. If you’ve not ever read it, I can safely say it was a magazine you either loved or hated. It rested on the foundation of conscious parenting and prioritising the biological needs of children. I attracted a faithful readership, with some subscribers staying with my husband and I for 12 years, long after they ‘needed’ the magazine.



About 2005, editing the magazine.


What I learnt from that apprenticeship is that the same ideals apply to my life as a novelist, especially as I am an independent author. As writers or publishers, our readers ‘feel’ our vibration at a level beyond our understanding. It isn’t “just” about our writing or the material we produce. It is about who we are. We can’t be one person at home and another in public. Our authenticity reaches out into the ethers. Our values and all that we hold dear, they are there, infused in the energy we emit to the Universe. There’s a lovely saying that does the rounds of Facebook: Your vibe attracts your tribe. This doesn’t just apply to friendship! It applies to every area of life, and especially as a writer or publisher.



My writing room


Do you want to attract new readers? Do you want to increase sales? Do you want to be a magnet for a certain type of readership? Look at your vibe. Examine your values. And, get away from the modern world a fair bit. Walk barefoot on the grass. Smell the scent of leaves. Feel the wind in your hair. Get back in touch with Mother Nature. Ground yourself.





A road out of my village with lovely views of the fells


Often we spend so much time trying to reach out, that we forget to reach in! We are not the number of retweeted tweets or Facebook likes. We are not the size of a publicity campaign. We are not the number of books or magazines we well.


We are spiritual beings

having a human experience.



Regardless of our profession, We attract, and we repel. Like attracts like. It’s the basic law of the Universe. Want to gather your tribe? Then look at what you’re vibrating. Do you attract or do you repel? Only you have the power to change that.



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