Seductress of the Night? Or Priestess of the Dawn?

Pick up just about any astrology book or magazine article which includes a section on Venus in the 12th house, and you’re almost certain to read that she is destined to engage in clandestine affairs. This is, after all, known as the house of secrets.



Astrologers, old and new, will tell you that she’s the mistress of the night. She’ll steal your husband. And see that woman over there? She’ll poach hers, too. But don’t worry, it’s just for a little while. Just long enough to scratch an itch or feed an unidentifiable longing. Don’t fret, you can have your man back when she’s done.

Many astrologers will warn you that when Venus resides here, she is subject to doom and gloom, and her love life will be sorrowful. But let’s be honest: it’s a rare person who hasn’t experienced heartbreak at some point, generally starting in the teenage years. If that weren’t true, I doubt we’d have a music industry.

Another common misconception of the twelfth house is the idea that it’s a blind spot in the chart, and that we don’t have any sense of our experience of the planets there. This may apply to some people, but not all of them. Everyone is at a different level of evolution and consciousness, and astrologers are best not to rehash stories but to let clients speak for themselves. Our potential for happiness is up to us, not our birth chart, nor an astrologer’s interpretation of it. We are here to outgrow the natal template. It seems to me that those who suggest the twelfth house is a psychological prison—some dark, karmic place where we have no free will—perhaps don’t have any valid real-life experience of the magic and charm of this terrain.




As with any astrological teaching, themes and stories continue to be perpetuated if we don’t listen to other experiences. The fault may indeed be with astrologers themselves, rather than the people seeking an astrological reading. The art of listening to our clients tell their stories, rather than assuming to know their level of consciousness or how they live out the template of their chart, is key to authentic astrology. As modern astrologers, we are the torchbearers for a more enlightened version of stellar stories.



As a 12th house Venus denizen, and one with Scorpio for added secrecy and sexuality, I believe it is time to disrupt the script, and reveal the truth about Lady Venus and her so-called hidden pleasures.

I have been happily married to my soulmate for more than two decades, and not once been engaged in an affair, physical or emotional. I have, however, been a keeper of sexual secrets, both as a friend and as an astrologer, and am a sealed vault containing the knowledge of other people’s hidden relationships. Women readily tell me their secrets, confiding that they couldn’t share them with even their best friend. I can reveal that the dozens of women I know who’ve had, or are having, affairs have Venus living in their 4th, 5th or 7th houses, not the 12th. Not a single one.

The IC (fourth-house cusp) is the midnight hour. The ascendant is the light of dawn: sunrise. Venus in the 12th isn’t hidden away: she is walking in the mists of early day. Perhaps too many people are still in bed at that time to recognise she’s up and about communing with the elementals and fairy folk, or catching the whispers of other lifetimes she has walked. Could it be that Venus has long gone by the time the rest of the world is downing their coffee and reading the newspaper? That doesn’t make her hidden. She’s simply the early bird! How could you possibly understand her world when yours is so different?

The light of dawn: when night meets day. It’s an enlivening time when the birds are urging the world to wake up, drawing us from slumber. If you’re not Venus, barefoot on the grass at dawn, you may not ‘wake up’ till the jarring shrill of your alarm clock. Lady Venus steps, like an oracle from ancient times, forward through the shrouded fields, content in her own company. Of course she’s alone, sleepy heads. She is at one with Mother Earth. Her soul listens to the sounds no one else can hear. Voices from another world sing in her ears. Even with both eyes closed, she can see.



To suggest that this placement is about illicit affairs is to degrade her purpose in the house of spirituality. Her sexual trysts are with a lover to whom she has bonded across all eternity. Nothing else would suffice.

Venus in the fourth, near the midnight hour, may well seek solace in the arms of someone else’s lover.



In the fifth, Venus wants to play. The house of risk taking and gambling urges her to slide down upon his forbidden silk sheets, or to linger longer in that motel room on the edge of town. Venus here wants to laugh some more into the afternoon at that little-known café down the dark alley, as you slide your foot against her leg beneath the table.

Venus in the seventh is respectably married. Of course she wouldn’t have an affair! The ring on her finger is proof. Or is it? This may be the last place you’d look for her to play out secret love affairs, but remember: it’s far away from her sense of self (first house). Who would think to go looking for ‘naughty’ Venus here? In my astrological experience, this is one of the most common placements for an ‘unfaithful’ Venus.

Looking to my natal Venus, one that’s not living up to other astrologers’ expectations, I ponder: how does Venus in the 12th best express herself? For me, she’s a lover of solitude. The deeper in Nature she walks, the better. The more solitary her journey, the more alive and feminine she feels. She is sultry, sensual, and sexual, for sure! She makes love between the Earth and the heavens, in a world that may be mysterious to strangers, but not to her. Venus is intimate with her surroundings. She seeks to master the energies of her pentacle: earth grows, fire glows, air blows, water flows. Spirit KNOWS. This is her message. If you were awake at sunrise, you’d know this too. You sense something mysterious about her, but don’t know what. And this is where those pesky rumours about her start: from people who don’t understand the dawn.

Venus here aspires to usher us to a new age, a golden dawn. But how can she if everyone keeps putting a pillow over their heads and hitting the ‘snooze’ button?

Venus in the 12th is not of this world. She’s been here so many times, exploring the themes common to mundane living. Her soul has bouts of divine homesickness. There’s no need for ambition here in the twelfth. It’s not relevant to the journey she’s on. After all, she has everything she could possibly need. Sorrow? A conscious Venus experiences sustenance here.

Venus is our ability to give and receive love. This may or may not include sex. To assign extramarital or secret affairs to a Venus who resides in the 12th house is to not understand her at all. Maybe those who make that prediction are projecting their unspoken impulses?

This Venus seeks to make love with the Divine. What mere mortal man could sate her appetite for universal love? Why would she fritter away her physical energies on a man when she could have so much more? For her, sexual expression is a way to touch the face of Goddess. To denigrate her to sordid affairs is to miss the point: the greatest lover she could hope for is not of this world. If that’s where her sorrow lies, then fair enough, but let’s not forecast the sorrow of ‘human’ heartbreak onto her.

Returning again to my Venus in Scorpio, I have, in the past, wondered if all the men who’d sexually abused me in childhood were hooked by her. Did I attract those men who wanted to do dirty deeds in secret? Instead, I see that Mars in the 3rd house of early childhood is a more likely culprit: I was learning about sexuality (Mars) from the time I started kindergarten, when a male teacher couldn’t keep his hands off my innocent three-year-old body. No, Venus in the 12th isn’t about sex. Pleasure, comfort, love, yes. Sex, not likely. Unless, of course, it’s of the tree-hugging, kundalini-awakening, tantric, soul-mate variety.



Me as a little girl with my uncle. You have to wonder, don’t you, what sort of man would think it was ok to sexually violate a child?


Venus in the 12th is a Goddess. She is a living embodiment of true spirituality: compassionate beyond measure. Her emotional quotient is high, here in the otherworldly home of Neptune. Venus in this landscape weeps at soul-stirring music, and cries at the exquisite feel of a newborn nuzzled against her cheek. Vibrational medicines which channel elemental devas are her ally. Art can leave her speechless.

She sees far into the future, our 12th house Venus, and, like a mermaid, brings lost treasures up from the ocean floor to share with others. Well, those who can be bothered to get out of bed at dawn! Her role is to guide us to the New Age, to taste the dew as the Sun greets morning, and to remind us that, as we go forth, we are so much more than we think we are. She delves, like the ancient priestess that she is, into her rich inner world, and speaks a language that crosses all cultures: love.

William Wordsworth painted the message of Venus in the 12th so eloquently for us when he wrote:

Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting
The soul that rises with us, our life’s Star,
Hath had elsewhere its setting
And cometh from afar
Not in entire forgetfulness
And not in utter nakedness
But trailing clouds of glory do we come
From God, who is our home:
Heaven lies about us in our infancy!

Oh yes! Venus dances naked in the 12th, draping herself with clouds of glory. She hasn’t forgotten where her star is set.

Love makes the world go around, and Venus wants to show us that divine love will have us all living happily ever after. We just have to remember where we’ve come from. And if you are willing to wake up, the Priestess of the Dawn will guide you.

Veronika Sophia Robinson is an author, astrologer and celebrant living in rural Cumbria in the north of England.

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  1. daisy
    daisy says:

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this article. I have a 12th house Venus conjunct my North Node in Leo and I appreciate your perspective of this placement.

  2. anselmo
    anselmo says:

    This rings so true for me, it’s is exactly what I feel about my own Venus in the 12th and you’re right, most astrologers don’t go deep enough into the 12th and always leave me expecting more, like, where’s the rest of it?? I also believe that the 12th house is the bridge to the next level of existence (what we would call divine) and feel that Venus here would also mean that you are loving your way into your divine self. Thanks for this post – very valuable for me.

  3. Ayasha
    Ayasha says:

    I like your interpretation of Venus in 12th house, it reveals experiences not covered by others. Everyone goes on and on about secret love affairs and doom and gloom, but this placement brings out the divine, otherworldly qualities of Venus. Think of mermaids and such and you get the picture. It is an otherworldly love that only the Venus in 12th person can give to others. I have this, but in my Vedic chart.

  4. rakia taylor
    rakia taylor says:

    I appreciate your post so much , I too also believe that I am capable of love on a very divine level . Like mentioned by many before, Venus is found in the last house , meaning to me that this is the house before the divine. I agree with all the gorgeous ladies who’ve commented on here as well.
    I often get complemented for my otherworldly beauty badly .
    My venue is in the 12th and conjunction my ascendent , so it’s solace dad there.
    Venus is exalted , that has to be a good thing ♥️ Thank you writerrrr?????

  5. Marisa
    Marisa says:

    Thank you Veronika, for this very emotional writing. I myself have Venus conjunct Pluto in Scorpio in the 12th house, and I had been very confused every time I read stuff about this “bad” placement. I felt very much screwed in my childhood, with my physically abusive brothers and verbally abusive mom, though at that time I always thought it was family love (you know, the “they can be harsh on you to make you stronger”belief).
    I was heartbroken many many times, but my love had always been platonic and I was still a virgin the day I met my now-husband. It’s been 8 years we’re together. We’ve been through thick and thin together, and though he’s not perfect (neither am I), and I have plenty if men (yes most of them are married) who fall for me, I have never thought about being unfaithful. My love is profound, intense, all-consuming and yes very sexual but I have found my soulmate and don’t really want to move on without him.
    I’m a Sag sun. Guess if my Cap moon and Jupiter in Virgo the 10th house can have something to do with it.

  6. Centauri
    Centauri says:

    I also have Venus in the 12th house and I just gave up on love altogether. I don’t think I can trust myself enough to try to find a soulmate or just about any man. Venus here makes me crazy, obsessive and delusional and I’d rather keep everything under control than let myself go through all that insanity ever again. I wasted years daydreaming and “enjoying” unrequited love to the point where I became almost catatonic. So, when I finally realised what’s wrong, I completely banished the big “L” out of my life. I might not be solving issues, but I feel much happier and calmer. I’m glad that somebody can actually make this lunatic Venus work. I can’t.

  7. Tatyana
    Tatyana says:

    Well this is all true but also as owner od 12th venus I must say the thing about secret love is also true. Most of my (not many) relationships were hidden. They were not married but for other reasons. They would tell everyone about me but I would hide them. I have nothin except south node in forth house btw.

  8. Sofia
    Sofia says:

    Thank you for clearing this placement! I was like why do I have this horrible placement in my natal chart?? I don’t want to be somebodys side chick I don’t want to be Becky with the good hair. Many articles I have found about this placement are truly dissapointing and I couldn’t believe what I had read so I kept searching for more answers and thank god I found yours! This placement truly creates an aura of unpenetrable mystery surrounds the individual because of the depth of spirituality that comes along with it! I have always thought I was an old soul and this placement just reaffirms everything you say! Btw I have an interesting paradox in my natal chart! My Venus is in Virgo in the 12th house which is ruled my piscis it’s opposite sign and almost all my house placement are opposite to the sign like my Mars is in libra in the 1 st house and my moon is in cancer in the 10th house I am also a libra rising! Do you know The meaning behind this?

  9. Ale
    Ale says:

    Beautiful!!! Thank you for writing this… it brings me so much peace…. I was already thinking I will never married my boyfriend because of this placement and all I have read on other websites. But, this… the way you described it, is exactly what I’m looking for in a partner! ???

  10. Elena Laos
    Elena Laos says:

    I literally cried.after reading this. I have venus in the 12th house. I do feel my soul mate has yet to arrive in this lifetime. Even though I am married and in love, it has been difficult. I always tell myself “Love beyond measures and forgive, because you are preparing for your next life baby girl. And it will be all you’ve dreamed of”.

  11. Ceci
    Ceci says:

    I loved your post! It feels exactly like that, and i simply, truly, totally loved your idea of Venus in the 12th the Goddess, as the Priestess of the Dawn… reminded me of Vivian, in the Mists of Avalon…

  12. April
    April says:

    Wonderful and beautiful description of an often maligned planetary position. I was reading different articles about this placement in my chart and your description of Venus in the 12th house is beautiful and resonates with me so much. Thank you from this Venus in the 12th house in Pisces woman.

    • Veronika Sophia Robinson
      Veronika Sophia Robinson says:

      Thank you April. Unfortunately a lot of astrology is written by people regurgitating material that doesn’t show any evidence of people’s individual charts or evolution. Hopefully this post helps to show that Venus here is a beautiful placement. x

  13. Jeff Docherty
    Jeff Docherty says:

    Thank you, beautifully written with your inspired Venus. Yes the 12th House timing is the twilight, a balance of Yin-Yang and the dawning light of Heaven on Earth.
    We are drawn to and have a deep appreciation of that phase of any life process, time and event, where the immaterial manifests. It has great subtlety and nuance like your understanding:)
    I have Venus and the Moon here.
    best wishes Jeff

  14. Amrita
    Amrita says:

    Hey sweet soul, I loved your article. I have venus in 12th house in Scorpio in jyeshtha nakshatra. Attracting sexually abusive men seems to be a recurring theme with venus in scorpio in 12th house. I don’t have friends with venus in scorpio in 12th house. I have so many things I want to talk. If you ever read this please email me @ (or anyone who has venus in 12th house and wants to talk about their life experiences) I would be happy to talk about our experiences and how astrology has an impact on it.

    • Letmelive
      Letmelive says:

      I have Venus and Aquarius in my 12th house. I am everything she describes above. I cry when I see beauty, I love nature and animals, people confide in me and tell me how beautiful I am, I want to heal the world and believe love is the answer. I too have been sexually abused as a child by a few. I’ve been married 23 yrs (together 25)… don’t know if I’m truly happy. I’ve had several affairs but wasn’t in them for sex. Just someone new to talk to to share ideas to see hope to feel loved… *sigh*

  15. Marine
    Marine says:

    Thank you so much for this!! ??????
    My Venus is in scorpio in the 12th house and I was searching for a deeper and more accurate description of Venus in the 12th house and I feel seen ? Thank you ✨✨✨

  16. Graham.king
    Graham.king says:

    I’ve got Venus in the 12th House conjunct Saturn in Gemini. What you say here is true. Men also have 12th House Venus though 😆.
    Maybe those men, myself included are more balanced with male female Energies. Energies we all have, after all, because we come from two.

  17. chaniya
    chaniya says:

    Thank you so much for this beautiful article. Words cannot describe how thankful I am for you. I love my 12H Venus. I am a 12th Houser through and through with my Venus, mars and Jupiter, all being in the 12th. I dislike how some astrologers make us feel so low. I know within myself that I am a divine architect. And this confirms it. The love I give is otherworldly, and I know my person is out there because I exist. Thank you Veronika for your vulnerability. You’ve bring me closer to myself.

  18. Terry Hall
    Terry Hall says:

    What a wonderful interpretation of Venus in the 12th. As a man I have it here conjunct my ascendant. I love art, dance, writing, rhyme and rhythm. It’s in Aquarius opposite Uranus and square the moon so I am ONLY seeking the love of my life with a divine connection. Affairs upset my equilibrium and third parties are anathema to me. True, I want to be friends with the world while being distant from them, yet the twelfth is not a scary place. I find it a loving embrace when life dishes up the dirt. It’s creative, psychic, spontaneous, manifesting (maybe not the ideal, but one can hope). Yes I’m attracted to harmony and beauty and detest brutalism. Funnily enough, I have SN in Aries and have also been a warrior. In the progressed chart, I have Mars conjunct the ascendant and the energy I crave is that of the divine masculine. I have lived too long under the feminine influences (sporadic as Uranus is the dominant planet) and it’s time for risk taking new adventures : done with love and respect for the Universe (Venus)

  19. Molly
    Molly says:

    THANK YOU!! I’ve seen so much negativity around this placement and it was refreshing and inspiring to read your beautiful words. What you wrote and created resonates so much more deeply than the fear-generating posts I’ve read before.

  20. nishant
    nishant says:

    really great, truly loved your idea of Venus in the 12th the Goddess and the description about Venus in the 12th the Goddess. thank you for sharing this post.

  21. Jacinda O'Neill
    Jacinda O'Neill says:

    This is SPOT ON for me… It brought me to tears because this has been exactly what I’ve experienced… Almost like where the world is isn’t really ready for the way I love; the power and energy and devotion I bring to the table. Although, I have it in Aries and conjuncting Mars, quincunxing Uranus on the Descendant and opposing Pluto in the 6th. Alas, it has been a rough journey.

  22. Jacinda
    Jacinda says:

    This is SPOT ON for me… It brought me to tears because this has been exactly what I’ve experienced… Almost like where the world is isn’t really ready for the way I love; the power and energy and devotion I bring to the table. Although, I have it in Aries and conjuncting Mars, quincunxing Uranus on the Descendant and opposing Pluto in the 6th. Alas, it has been a rough journey.

  23. Mezbin
    Mezbin says:

    You got the beauty of venus, grace of jupiter and sharpness of Mars too in your writing!!! What a beauty you have portrayed!! Soothing, nurturing as if the youthful sensuousness has ripened to its motherly divininity and its complete form!!
    Every word felk like I am reading myself, 12th house venus conjuction south lunar node in scorpio.

  24. Jazzmine
    Jazzmine says:

    This was so beautifully, dreamily, & gracefully written. I have 6 planets resting in the 12th, with an 8H moon & bc of Astro-propaganda combined with just “how humans are”, I often feel so…different. My existence has become lonely, though I’m trying to learn to appreciate the solitude. Thank you for this. This helps me feel invincible versus invisible.

  25. Alex
    Alex says:

    Thank you so much for writing this and for your insights! this is beautiful, empowering, inspiring and reasonating all at the same time. May you be blessed with good universal energies!


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