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Growing up

The girls are back at school after a week of holidays. Today has been a day to just find my own space again, and orientate myself back into the school-week rhythm. In a few short weeks, my oldest daughter officially becomes an adult. My baby! Ah, how those years just disappear before your eyes. My […]

The Dance of Love

You’d think, as a romance novelist, that I’d be one of the first people putting my hand up to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day. The truth is that I’ve never celebrated it: not as a married woman, and not in my single days. Don’t get me wrong. I believe in love. I celebrate love. My home, […]

The Written Word

The other night, the new Moon in Aquarius fell in my third house of communication. As an astrologer, I knew it was, indeed, a time to make wishes for my full-time writing career. I’m taking deep breaths, and finding a new rhythm to my life. For the first time in 12 years, since selling The […]