This guest blog is written by Eliza Robinson

Eliza is an author and astrologer. She is based in Glasgow, Scotland, and works with clients from all over the world.

Persephone, Pluto and Power is a journey through the underworld for writers and creators.


For many writers and artists, shame is detrimental. It can hold you back for years, or even a lifetime.

In this workshop, I will show you how you can transform your shame into a powerful creative force. Through a combination of astrology, mythology, and writing exercises, I will help you turn your monsters into the ultimate muse.



Persephone, Pluto and Power is a 90-minute-long workshop, launching on March 3rd. The workshop will be pre-recorded, so that you can engage with and move through its content at your own pace.

In this value-packed workshop, I share all the secrets I’ve learned in my years as a writer and astrologer. By the end of this workshop, you will:
• understand the role of shame in creativity
• work intimately with your shame through powerful writing exercises
• have actionable tools to clear shame blocks
• utilise archetypes and symbolism to help you journey through shame and transform it into power


Who is this workshop for?
• You do not need any prior knowledge of astrology or writing to gain immense value from this workshop. It is designed for people at all levels, from beginners to those who have been writing for years. Shame can stop us in our tracks at any point in our journey. I am here to guide you through the underworld, and teach you how to alchemise your shame into creative power
• This workshop is open to people of any gender, but there is a focus on feminine archetypes and experience

Are you ready to transform the monsters under your bed into a muse?

It is time to allow your shame to transport you to a deeper level of creative power!

As a child, I was mesmerised by a particular room in our home. It was my mother’s astrology room, and we were forbidden from entering. Busy raising eight children, my mother cherished her own space to develop her skills and knowledge of all things astrological.

My middle name is curiosity! I had to know what was in that room. So, when my mum had gone to town to do shopping or was busy out in the garden, I would silently open the door. It was like a magical world in that room. A whole wall was lined with astrological tomes. Centuries of wisdom rested upon shelf after shelf. Secrets of the Universe whispered to me.


This forbidden room featured a black, round, glass table with a horoscope printed on it in gold. I wanted to understand all the symbolism. What language was hidden behind each of those marks? Why did this world absorb my mother’s attention?

It wasn’t unusual for my mum to ask someone their birth date, and if they knew their time of birth. This became part of my vocabulary. From before my teens, I knew and understood my Sun, Moon and Ascendant signs, and how I expressed these in my life.


Living with the rhythm of the waxing and waning moon was such a natural part of our way of living that I can sense on any given day which sign the moon is transiting by the activities I’m naturally drawn to. My mother also planted by the Moon, something I’ve enjoyed over the years too.


As an adult, I forensically studied astrology enraptured by the symbolism, mythology, and accuracy of planetary placements, signs, houses and aspects. For thirteen years, I enjoyed having my own international astrology practice. Even now, I continue to receive letters and messages from people around the world whose charts I read years ago saying they still listen to the recordings or read my notes, and about how accurate it was for them/their child. I never fell out of love with astrology, although I ceased my practice due to the limits of a 24-hour day and other interests/work that also took up my time.

Astrology is still part of my daily life, and I consistently work with the energies both within my own chart, aspiring to become a better version of myself, and also with the planetary transits which affect each of us.


I’m not someone who believes that the ‘planets do things to you’. I’m an evolutionary astrologer, and take the view of co-creating with the energy of particular transits and planets. Of all the psychological and personal growth tools I’ve learned, practised and enjoyed over the years, it is astrology to which I’m faithful.


If you’re new to astrology, it is nothing to do with the horoscopes you see in a newspaper. They are limited and one-dimensional and based on your Sun sign. A 60-year-old retired Capricorn man in China is going to experience his sun sign in a different way to a 14-year-old Capricorn girl in a boarding school in South Africa, for example.


Astrology is rich, and even a professional astrologer could spend a whole life time learning from their own chart (and hopefully they do). Mark Twain once wrote that ‘history doesn’t repeat, it rhymes’. Astrology shows us the patterns of our lives, and if we take an evolutionary approach we can see how rather than repeating mistakes or patterns we can improve, perfect, grow and become the highest version of ourselves.


My daughters grew up in a home where conversations about astrology were as normal and natural as asking ‘what’s for dinner?’ I’ve watched them utilise the art and science of astrology in their own lives, and use it to guide them with optimal decision making and choices, as well as to understand themselves and friends.

Eliza Robinson Astrologer is a third-generation astrologer, and you can find what she offers here. Her readings are insightful, accurate and empowering. You can choose from a written reading (these are NOT computer generated but bespoke to your unique chart) or audio recording. She reads for clients around the world.

Eliza says ‘Astrology has the power to transform your life. Whether you are ready to dip a single toe into this world, or jump in headfirst, I am here to guide you on this journey of transformation and self discovery.’  She describes astrology as a ‘creative process’, and gives you the tools to ‘transform your life into a great work of art.’



Eliza says ‘Astrology calls to us, and it reminds us that we, too, are part of nature… We are part of something greater than ourselves; it’s easy to forget this amidst the panic, stress and distraction of the modern world.’ She reminds us that ‘We come to astrology for a hint of magic, and it imbues our lives with hope, understanding, and a reminder that we belong in this wide and wonderful universe.’


You can also find her on Instagram @Eliza Robinson Astrology and Facebook@ Eliza Robinson Astrologer

Veronika Sophia Robinson is a second-generation astrologer whose writing has been published in The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscopes. She is also an author, workshop facilitator, celebrant, celebrant trainer and editor of The Celebrant magazine. As a sun sign Capricorn, her favourite planet is Saturn. “It gets stuff done!”