Fraser and Emily’s wedding ceremony at the delightful Eden Barn was truly a day to remember. That morning, as I was preparing to leave home, the thunder rumbled and lightning flashes lit up the dark sky. We’d just managed to pack the car with my amplifier and microphone, despite the torrential rain, when the electricity went out in the village. Thankfully I was dressed and ready to go.

The journey to Eden Barn soon changed direction as I navigated flooded roads and road closures. Despite the diversions (and a racing heart), I managed to get there in plenty of time. I always leave early for ceremonies ‘just in case’.

Eden Barn, as ever, looked absolutely beautiful. Once inside, there was no sense of the dramatic weather outside. It was warm and cosy from the fairy lights. I love officiating here: the staff are fabulous, and the ambience is truly gorgeous.

Their ceremony was beautiful, and as with all the ceremonies I write, it was unique to them and their love story.


“In the time it takes to make a cup of tea, your whole life can change. That’s certainly what happened the day Fraser was meeting up with his mate, Will, Fraser’s best man here today. Making the most of a minute or two of free time while Will prepared a brew, Fraser decided to have a swipe on the dating app Bumble. Now, not all dating apps are the same! Bumble has two distinct features: one is that it’s a feminist app, so that means the woman always makes the first move.”



Congratulations Emily and Fraser. Thank you for being such a wonderful couple, and for sharing your gorgeous photos with me. The love between you both was such a pleasure to experience.

Photography by Gail Secker.

Veronika Robinson is a Heart-led Celebrant in Cumbria. She has had the immense pleasure of creating beautiful weddings since 1995, and still has a skip in her step each time she heads off to officiate a ceremony. Although her practice is based in Cumbria, she officiates from Cornwall to Callanish, and everywhere in between, including internationally. Veronika is an inclusive celebrant and practises discrimination-free celebrancy. Her officiating style is relaxed, authentic, friendly, warm, gentle, caring, and with natural humour.


About Eden Barn

Overlooking picturesque scenery, and set in 100 acres, it is an exclusive and intimate licensed Wedding Barn in Cumbria’s enchanting Upper Eden Valley. A 200 year old Westmorland stone barn it has a rustic elegance that can be tailored to your theme, for a unique wedding. This beautiful building is packed with rustic charm from the giant chandeliers to the exposed stone walls, limestone flagged floor and vaulted ceiling. Outside there are expansive views, a hand-thatched gazebo and lovely landscaped grounds. 


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