Getting to know Nicky and Karen was a true joy for me. I meet so many couples in my work as a Wedding Celebrant, a job I’ve thoroughly enjoyed for 28 years now, and it never ceases to amaze me the pure magic involved in how people meet and when that spark takes hold. Their elopement ceremony was held here in the Eden Valley, Cumbria, one of the most beautiful counties in the UK.

It was while on holiday that they met, in the magical Ionian sea, on the Greek Island of Zante, a place of beauty known for sea turtles, white beaches and entertainment. Beneath sunny skies, and to the soundtrack of waves lapping upon the shoreline, the seeds of friendship were planted. The Hand of Fate knew what it was doing when it brought them together on that gorgeous Greek Island. The Greeks have philosophised about love for a long time, and have many different words for it.

One of the fabulous things I loved about creating their elopement ceremony  was their incredible openness to ideas. As a result, we were able to incorporate spiritual, religious and cultural elements that were meaningful and personal to them into their beautiful ceremony.

The plan was to have their ceremony in a gorgeous garden at one of their favourite places: their happy place. Well, in true British Summer style, it was tipping down. Were we going to let that stop us?

A massive thank you to fab photographer Kathryn White for navigating the rain!

Veronika Robinson is a Heart-led Celebrant in Cumbria. She has had the immense pleasure of creating beautiful weddings since 1995, and still has a skip in her step each time she heads off to officiate a ceremony. Although her practice is based in Cumbria, she officiates from Cornwall to Callanish, and everywhere in between, including internationally. Veronika is an inclusive celebrant and practises discrimination-free celebrancy. Her officiating style is relaxed, authentic, friendly, warm, gentle, caring, and with natural humour.

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