When the Moon is full, she is ripe. Like a birthing woman—plump, full, and ready to bring an end to gestation so she can bring forth new life into the world—she is primal and powerful. Squat and deliver!


The Full Moon occurs at midday (UK time) on March 23rd 2016 at three degrees and 17 minutes of sociable Libra.

This is the climax of the lunar month. Our ancestresses recognised the power of this light in the dark skies, and despite the modern lives we lead and how busy we are, the Moon still asks us to pause and reflect. We may spend our evenings sitting in front of a TV screen or on Facebook, but the Moon tugs us towards a deeper purpose. The cellular pull of our being either leads us towards this energy consciously and with grace, or unconsciously and reluctantly. Whether we go willingly, or kicking and screaming, none of us is immune to Luna’s sacred and time-sensitive call.



A Full Moon is a time of lunar balance, when the feminine Moon is opposite the masculine Sun. Unless we consciously seek this balance, it may manifest as a time of discord. For the unaware and unprepared, it’s often a time of mayhem.

The Moon is indicative of our inner, emotional and sensory life, while the Sun’s archetypal energies reflect our hero’s journey in the outer world (our identity). Yin and Yang. How do we balance them?

Our natal Moon (the zodiac sign the Moon was transiting at the time of birth) talks to us of how we were mothered, and what brings us comfort. She speaks to us in the ancient language of powerful pre-verbal memories of mother’s breast milk, and what emotionally sustains us. Indeed, we must ask: did mother give us that security or was our experience something altogether different? And the Sun is like our father cheering us on as we first learn to ride our bike and find our way in the world. When we fall off our bike, we take our scraped knees back to Mother for that magic kiss! “There, there,” she says, soothing us better. Mother is home, Father is the outer world. When (if) Mamma makes it all better, you can be sure we’ll be back on the bike!

Opposites do attract, but they can also repel. It is well known that people can go a little crazy around the time of the Full Moon. Don’t underestimate the power of this luminary as she pulls our unconscious feelings to the surface. Do we really go a little crazy at this time or is the Moon simply amplifying our inner state? Nothing lies dormant forever.

Each New Moon is a time of conception as we plant seeds of intention. The Full Moon offers us a divine portal to find balance between two areas of our life (if you know your natal chart, then look up where the Sun and Moon will be transiting to get a sense of the themes playing out for you. If I’ve done a reading for you, I’ll have a copy of your chart if you’d like a follow-up reading).

A full Moon is a time of revelations as that milky light shines her beams across us to illuminate our lives.

When we consciously live our lives in rhythm with the Moon’s ebb and flow, we soon see how we are influenced, but more importantly, how we can CREATE necessary changes in our daily life and be influential.

This Full Moon, ruled by the Goddess of Love and Money, Venus, wants to clarify issues for you around the area of relationships.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall
Who am I, after all?
I see me in you
And you in me
Heaven and hell in intimacy

Libran energies guide us towards communion with another. What does it mean to share our life with someone else? How do we honour self (Aries), while being at home in a relationship (Libra)?

The Full Moon is an opposition, a tug of war, between the Sun and the Moon; or perhaps the best analogy for this particular one in Libra is of a see-saw. How do we find balance? What steps do we need to take to give equal time to our core identity (Sun) and independence (Aries) and that part of ourselves that needs emotional sustenance (Moon) through another human being (Libra)?

The ruler of this Moon, Venus, is about the pleasures of life that we share with another. It is infused with harmony, balance, love and romance, but may also highlight business partnerships or even the relationship we have with a counsellor. A relationship might be a best friend who has a different set of ethics to you that has to be constantly navigated to maintain equilibrium, or a school mum who subtly puts you down at the school gates each morning. Maybe it’s an ex-lover knocking on your door.

Perhaps this Moon will inspire you with other Venusian energies, such as getting a new hairstyle, investing in new clothes or make-up, or getting rid of those which don’t suit you. Venus rules beauty, and she exudes grace, charm, culture and refinement. Before you get too caught up in her charms, beware: when she inhabits the zodiac sign of Libra (she also rules Taurus), we have to remember that this is the only sign of the zodiac represented by an inanimate object: the scales of justice. Cold, hard, lifeless metal.

The less charming side of Libra is that of superficiality. In a desire to ‘appear’ peaceful and socially adept, she may be inclined to say what she believes the other person wants to hear. You and I might call it lying! Libra, ever the charismatic host, calls it diplomacy.

This Moon may be asking you to read through the lines. Are you being diplomatic rather than radically honest? Are you people-pleasing at the expense of your own desires and needs (Aries)?

Are you giving fairly in relationship?

Libra is all about appearances. Beauty, yes. Fairness, yes. Justice, hell yeah! But if we think about those scales of justice, they come from an intellectual state. The law is not about what is emotionally right or comfortable. It is about facts. Libra is an air sign. Justice does not involve the heart, and can seem brutally heartless. This can seem rather ironic given that Libra is ruled by the Goddess of Love, Venus. But perhaps that message is very much about that balance between self and other. You and Me. Mine and Yours.



The best of Libra will show you how to spread kindness while honouring your unique self. You can be attractive and socialise, while admitting that you need your own space and time, too. Learn from the Libran’s speciality of tact and refinement, but always be true to yourself. This is indeed a time for reconnection with your lover or soul mate or other relationship, but it’s also a time to connect with your inner core. Yin and Yang. Feminine and Masculine. The Divine Dance.

Leave the rose-tinted spectacles behind, though this may seem impossible with this particular Moon, and see through the tones of co-dependence, superficiality, and the Libran tendency of sweeping important issues under the carpet. If you don’t, the Full Moon eclipse might blind you with the harsh truth.

Who am I in relationship? How does my independence and identity shine when I’m under your spell? These are essential questions to ask yourself, particularly at this time.



Venus, goddess of love, is conjunct Neptune in Pisces during this lunation. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus. Venus is about human relationships. Neptune is about the relationship we have with the Divine: All That Is. Together they continue themes of romanticism and higher love. Whatever brought you together in relationship may no longer be valid. How can you take your love to a new level? In what ways can you instil a higher purpose to your relationship? Or perhaps, is your significant other pulling the wool over your eyes?

There is nothing superficial about this particular Full Moon, however, it does invite us not to be caught in deception or delusion. Neptune conjunct Venus ramps human love to a higher octave: divine love. It asks: how am I bringing the divine into our daily dance of intimacy. Neptune invites us to come from a place of compassion and deep-level empathy in our relationships: it is a spiritual homecoming in the realm of ‘other’. Do the words we speak come from kindness and a desire to hold our loved one in the Light? Do we walk gently upon a path of graciousness, reverence and beauty in relationships? Are we walking on holy ground when in relationship?

It was at the dark of the Moon that we set intentions (consciously or unconsciously), and now the light shines on those seeds. What are we manifesting? What hopes and dreams are we bringing to consciousness to rise above the dark, fertile soil?

The luminary of the night whispers to us across the portals of time, love, and sacred space to call us into our heart self.

The Sabian Symbol* of this Full Moon is beautifully described as: a group of young people around a campfire enjoying spiritual communion.

How does that image feel to you?

If you’re in a relationship, what brought you together (to the campfire)?
What is the glue that holds your relationship in tact?
Is it sex, love, lust, a shared love of a hobby?
Unplanned pregnancy?
Soul mates across time and space?

Indeed, is that glue enough or is it losing its ‘stickiness’?

Perhaps the time has come for you to create a new bond with your lover or business partner. Examine openly and honestly what brought you to the campfire (glue), and what the fire feels like now. Is it warm enough? Is the magic there? Perhaps it is scorching you and leaving nothing but hot coals, and finally, ashes in its wake. Will you rise, like the mythical Phoenix, from the ashes and be reborn?

Who is fanning the flames? How is your spiritual fire being fed? Do you both nurture this fire? And does the fire nourish you? The best campfire will be fed by both of you, equally. And, at those times when one must go off in search of self, will that sacred flame be fanned by the other until their return? Will this act of kindness be reciprocated?

Does your life feature the healing energies of this Sabian Symbol such as walking in the woods, camping, sitting around a campfire, being part of a women’s circle or men’s group, being with like-minded people, seeing your soulmate?



This Full Moon is a lunar eclipse, meaning it is particularly powerful. Will we consciously ‘eclipse’ something or someone out of our life, or will Fate do it for us? Could it be, like the Full Moon disguising herself during an eclipse as a New Moon, that you too are hiding yourself? Do you feel your voice is strong enough in relationship? In what ways are you not being seen?

The Queen of the Night and the King of the Day offer a creative dynamic whereby we learn who we are in relationship by understanding more of who we are when we’re not relating to another. Conversely, we learn more about our true self when we see an image in the mirror of another human being. A lunar eclipse is celestial permission to let go of the past. Change is another word for the Universe in Motion. We can fear this, and come from a state of fight or flight; or, we can consciously choose to embrace what needs movement and magic in order for us to walk a new path. Consider this as creative confrontation with our inner self.

Bring imagination to your relationships: what is the highest vision you have? What steps can you take each day to bring this to reality? Is forgiveness needed? Perhaps this is a call for more tenderness? Maybe you simply need to prioritise your relationship over distractions such as online activities or selfish interests.

The eclipse is here to show us that no matter what manifests in the outer world, the story is always within us. We can’t blame others for our story. We are the storyteller. This month’s lunar story is: the quest for another is also the quest for self.

Full Moon Ritual
This time in the lunation cycle is perfect for releasing what we don’t need or want in our life. The phoenix ceremony (burning bowl) is one ritual which can be used to do so.

Create sacred space
Decide where you want to be when you do your ritual. It may be outdoors in your garden, on the beach, or in a woodland, for example. Maybe you prefer to honour this time in the comfort of your own home. You may like to light a candle or burn incense. Perhaps you have some sacred space aura spray. Allow yourself to let go of all other thoughts, and be present for your ritual. Perhaps you have crystals and gemstones that you’d like to place on a small altar. Maybe you’ll make a flower or woodland mandala as a way to focus your energies. Maybe all you need is a cup of soothing chamomile tea. Given the theme of this Full Moon is about love, beauty, kindness, relationships, and justice, you might like to include images or symbols of these on your altar.



Set your intention
Think carefully about what no longer serves you, and how you can let that go. Give yourself permission to declutter emotional baggage. Consider who you are in relationships, and who you are on your own.

Handwrite wishes
Write your intentions by hand. Keep them in the present tense.

For example:

I now lovingly release relationships which no longer serve me.

I let go of ugly items and situations and replace them with beauty.

I release negative relationships. I only attract loving people in my world, for they are my mirrors.

I nourish myself with balance and poise.


Write your wishes onto a piece of paper, then burn in them in a fireproof bowl. Release them. Let them go.

If possible, do your ritual during the time of the Full Moon. Tell yourself that you are open to the energy of Luna.

Meditation and Visualisation

Imagine a see-saw with you on one side, and a significant other (or a relationship you want healed) on the opposite side, and allow the see-saw to come into balance.

If you are single and desiring to meet someone new, release the parts of you that don’t feel worthy of love. See an image of a soul mate opposite you on the see-saw.

Consider ways in which your ego may ruin relationships, and give yourself permission to let your fears and defences be released. The ego becomes a monster in relationship when we don’t feel safe, valued and heard. The stronger we become in our awareness of self, the more confident and secure we are in relationship.

Fly away
As this lunar eclipse is in an air sign, you might prefer to write your wishes on paper or biodegradable balloon and release them to the wind.

Full Moon Journal
Perhaps you’d like to keep a Full Moon journal whereby you write down when and where the Moon is transiting your birth chart, and how that is manifesting in your life. It makes such a fascinating story to read over the course of a lunar year.

*A Sabian symbol is an image for each degree in the zodiac. They were named as such because it is believed that Elsie Wheeler, who channelled their images, was in contact with the ancient matrix of the Sabian alchemists of Mesopotamia.

Veronika Robinson is a second-generation astrologer, and thoroughly enjoys bringing her clients’ charts to life in ways that are profound, meaningful, healing, practical and life affirming. She works by Skype with clients from Australia, to South Africa, to Canada, America, New Zealand, Ireland and England. Her articles have appeared in The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscopes. To book a reading, visit https://veronikarobinson.com/astrologer/

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