As a child, I would notice whenever my mother wrote the word ‘tage’ on her calendar. This is German for period. She’d write tage on each day that she bled for.

I guess it was so ingrained in me that when my menstrual life began, I did the same thing. When I wrote tage into my diary yesterday, I had to smile. I could have written period, but for 32 years I’ve written what I learnt by observing my mother.


Wise Woman Journal

Illustration from Cycle to the Moon. Written by Veronika Robinson, art work by Susan Merrick

Most women don’t write down anything about their cycle. I find it’s helpful, and over the years have also written down how I felt at that time or if I had any symptoms of menstrual tension or discomfort. I also write down how many days I bleed for.

What did your mother teach you about menstruation, either by her actions, words or silence?

Love, Veronika x



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  1. Asta
    Asta says:

    Veronika, I absolutely adore your writing. On the days when my new baby falls asleep on me for hours – I spend time snuggling and reading your reflections. Thank you for what you write – it’s like a beautiful warm blanket! Blessings and love from Spain!

    • Veronika Sophia Robinson
      Veronika Sophia Robinson says:

      Thank you so much for your beautiful and kind message. 🙂 Congratulation on your new baby. It’s such an AMAZING and incredible time in our lives, isn’t it, to be snuggled with a newborn? So precious. Enjoy every second. Love, Veronika xx


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