For as long as I can remember, I have loved flowers. I grew up in sub-tropical Queensland where we were blessed with such gorgeous and exotic flora, such as frangipani and hibiscus. One of my favourite flower memories is of the freesias growing in our courtyard. As soon as I stepped out of the door, the warm sunshine would bring the exquisite scent wafting to my little button nose.


Another memory is of the cosmos growing wild along the roadsides.


I would suck the ends of that red honeysuckle for that perfect sweet mouthful of divine nectar.

When Bethany was born, I had red roses in my bedroom. When I laboured with Eliza, the bedroom was filled with agapanthus.





I am a woman who has to have flowers in the house. I thrive on their colour, simplicity, beauty, and that living, vibrant energy of nature inside the home.

I wrote in my journal the other day that I should have been a florist, such is my love of flowers. And it’s funny how the Universe loves to listen to us!

The other week I asked people on my Facebook page (Veronika Sophia Robinson author) to share with me their favourite novels. One of them was called The Language of Flowers. Needless to say the title had me straight away. The theme of it is that anyone can grow into something beautiful.




I’ve almost finished reading it, and have been mesmerised by the Victorian language of flowers. It has inspired some of the flowers I’m choosing for our Vow Renewal ceremony in less than two weeks, but also something else: In talking with the florist about my needs for our ceremony, I came to learn that she runs courses. That’s going on my to-do list! But I also decided to do a florist’s course. I don’t have any great career aspirations to open a flower shop (not yet!) but I’m sure it will be something I love, and I have no doubt it will find its way into my novels. Well, actually, I know it will. Sisters of the Silver Moon was written as a stand-alone book, and then I realised it could have a sequel based on another novel idea I had ages ago. And then, this morning, I realised that it could spill over into a trilogy ~ all because of the flowers filling my life. It fits in perfectly with one of the characters.

So, to my Vow Renewal ceremony flowers. I find it fascinating that I was naturally drawn to flowers with positive meanings.

My flower crown is to be created from purple ranunculus. I chose them for their look and colour to match my dress, but apparently the Victorians took them to mean: I am radiant with charms.

I hope I’m radiant on the day!



My favourite flowers are freesias: lasting love.



Cosmos (not in season, but used on our invitations): joy in love and life.


Delphinium: levity

Honeysuckle: devotion
Tulip: declaration of love



Agapanthus: love letters
Ivy: fidelity
Rosemary: commitment, remembrance
Eucalyptus: protection
Heather: protection

May your life be filled with the beauty of flowers.

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