I saw a quote recently that said something along the lines of: when reading a novel, the reader should see themselves in there. It should act as a mirror to some part of them.



I’d like to share this beautiful letter a reader has shared with her friends regarding my books and upcoming author tour.


Thank you so much, Kirsten.  ~ Veronika

Veronika Sophia Robinson is a writer I am passionate about. Her books are so interwoven with her life, and my life, and the life I dream of living that I feel like I am simply entering an alternate reality of myself when I read them. I think it could be so for anyone reading them…. if you love deeply, feel deeply, play deeply and imagine life is magic waiting to happen.
When I read Veronika’s novels, it feels like all of me is being welcomed– the best and the worst, and the striving to bring the hidden parts to the light. Through her characters I become a better version of myself. I see grounded, real life happening in a magical way as the human values we all share come alive in real people.
There is a beautiful place for these pieces of art she has written in this modern time when we are struggling with so much suffering in the world, and seeking alternative ways to live and find joy. At last I can truly settle into the world that I enter as I read her books because I know that values I hold dear will be honoured. I know the language will be honouring, I know all creatures will be honoured, I know the earth will be honoured, I know the mystery of life will be honoured. I know it will be a lot of fun along the way.
Mrs. Robinson is a master craftswoman. Her characters offer a rich world of a simple, yet magical life. Please come and meet his wonderful woman and authoress and enjoy an evening of true entertainment getting to know her and her equally amazing husband/musician and the enchanting worlds they create.
All my love,

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